"Is it not a price worth paying?” Today's tense exchange with a mum in hotel lockdown.


Right now, thousands of Australians are being quarantined in hotels for a mandatory 14 days, after arriving back from overseas as authorities try to stem the spread of COVID-19. 

They are in four and five star accommodation, and yet those who are inside the lockdown are furious at the treatment they’re getting from the government-run operation.

The main criticism is the complete lack of daylight and fresh air.

Many claim they’re being treated like prisoners.

WATCH: Sarah Greig on the Today Show. Post continues after the video.

Video via Nine

But Today Show hosts Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon had little sympathy for Sarah Greig, and her two sons Jake and Bryce, who are currently cooped up in the Novotel in Brisbane.

“I think the best thing for us right now is for the Australian public to understand that nobody is complaining about the conditions of the hotel. Like, we are in really nice accommodation. Everybody in the hotel is being as friendly as they can possibly be and nobody is whinging whatsoever about the – well, the food’s been fantastic for me. We’ve got fresh clean sheets, we’ve got running water, all of those things are fantastic but we don’t have access to fresh air,” Sarah said on the show this morning. 

“On the second day I was here, we got outside twice. The boys got to run outside the hotel, the police took us down and it was amazing. Yesterday, they told us that we can no longer access fresh air. We cannot go outside, we cannot even leave the door of our hotel room, so everything changed as of yesterday. I think what the people in these hotels really just want is a solution to be able to get access to sunlight and fresh air. I don’t think that’s being unreasonable in any way, shape or form,” she added.

Sarah Greig
Sarah and her boys are in isolation in a Brisbane hotel for two weeks after coming home from Brisbane. image: Nine.

But Stefanovic, who alongside his co-host has been covering the terrifying pandemic day in and day out on the show, stood by the strict rules.

"I know it's difficult but the very thing you're asking for is the very thing that our medical experts - and they're very, very smart these people - are saying could expose you or your boys to this virus and we don't know yet who in the hotel may or may not have it. We don't know if someone may potentially spread it even by walking down a corridor or out of your door or down some stairs. You might expose yourself to it, and then it's off and running. I mean, I do sympathise with you, but are you not concerned about that?" he asked Sarah via video-link.


Sarah explained that while she was concerned, she wants to come to a compromise where they wear masks and put distance between each other while being allowed to access the outside world.

"I would wear a garbage bag over my body to be allowed some fresh air," she said.

Sarah and boys
Jake and Bryce have been entertaining themselves by jumping from bed to bed. Image: Nine.

"I was watching out the window yesterday and there were tons of people walking outside less than a metre from each other. Just because we came from overseas, that makes us different to the people outside. I don't think that's entirely the case," she added, to which Langdon told her "I disagree with you there". 

"Majority of the cases we have in Australia are from people overseas bringing it in and we've got to think about the wider good here. Unfortunately, we're in the middle of a global pandemic. This is the price you and the boys unfortunately have to pay which is two weeks in self-isolation but in the grand scheme of things, if this means keeping everyone healthy, is it not a price worth paying?" she asked.

Sarah reiterated that she didn't come on air to whinge about her situation, simply to discuss her desire for a solution to getting some fresh air.

"We're doing our best in the situation," she said. "[But] I am not the only person that feels like this in the hotels."

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Feature image: Nine.

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