From wavy mirrors to coloured glass: 5 home trends you’re about to see everywhere.

Thanks to the power of social media, trends come and go very quickly. Some remain in the zeitgeist for more than a season, while others become outdated soon after they arrive on the scene. 

Over the past few months, US and UK influencers have showcased many home trends; and there are a few that we believe will be just as popular during our warmer months, and will remain in style come 2022. So, as we continue to spend more time at home, read on to see five things you should add to your home in Spring/Summer 2021.

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Wavy mirrors.

If you ask any interior stylist how to make a room look bigger, one of the first tips they'll mention is to add a mirror, as they create the illusion that the space is in fact bigger than it looks. While over the past few years, large, rectangular mirrors have dominated (a must-have for any great outfit selfie), this year it's all about the wavy mirror.

The trend first burst onto the scene when various celebrities and influencers were spotted owning the plastic, pink neon-lit Ettore Sottsass Ultrafragola mirror. 


While unfortunately, that exact mirror costs a casual $16,000 (and is pretty damn difficult to hunt down), various brands (and plenty of Esty shops) have taken the wavy mirror trend and ran with it, creating their own versions at a fraction of the price.

MirrorHomeDecorArt Asymmetrical Mirror, $186.75.

Image: MirrorHomeDecorArt. 


Lesoreves Small Wave Mirror, $357.09.

Image: Lesoreves. 


End Ferm Living Pond Mirror, $429.

Image: End. 

Alternatively, make one yourself like DIY expert Geneva Vanderzeil did.


Coloured glass.

Fashion and home trends often overlap and this year, colour is making a splash. From Bottega Veneta green to bright pinks and oranges, this year's spring and summer looks both inside and outside the house are going to be filled with it. That being said, the first homewares trend we're going to talk about that reflects that is coloured glassware. 

Instead of your typical clear glassware, brands are creating new pieces in colour. Think vases, glasses, jugs and plates in pale pinks, burnt oranges and emerald green. And they're the perfect addition to any dining table or WFH setup. 


Fazeek Two Wave Glasses, $69.

Image: Fazeek. 


Maison Balzac J'ai Soif Carafe Set, $89.

Image: David Jones. 


Aeyre Gordo Candlestick, $139.

Image: Aeyre. 

Checkered home decor.

For years, checkerboard prints were considered a little dated. But in 2021, the humble pattern, most commonly used as kitchen floor tiles, has had a complete resurgence. Now sought after in smaller doses (so don't stress if the tiles aren't for you), brands are creating checkered cushions, bath towels and bedspreads in a whole heap of colours. And they're hella cute.


House of Nunu Checkmate Bath Towels, $89.95.

Image: House of Nunu. 


House of Hazar Mavi Cushion, $99.

Image: House of Hazar. 

The Sheet Society Mega Checkerboard in Blush, from $160.

Image: The Sheet Society. 


Decorative candles.

While candles are typically designed to light and make our homes smell oh-so-good, decorative candles - that you don't light at all - are having a moment. The trend, which exploded on Instagram this year, is an affordable way to make your home look luxe (something we can all get around) and comes in many variations and colours. Consider using them as shelf decorations, a table centrepiece or book weight. 


House of Aeros The Venus, $40.

Image: House of Aeros. 


XJR Celebrations Bubble Ball Candle, $90.

Image: XRJ Celebrations. 

Lex Pott Twist Fluo Candle Set, $104.

Image: Farfetch. 


Bright coffee table books.

There's one particular coffee table book that's been flooding everyone's social media feeds. It comes in a bunch of colours and each features a different place in the world. Yep, you know the one - the Assouline coffee table book. While it isn't exactly new on the scene, we have a feeling it'll stay on-trend all summer (and possibly beyond).


Assouline Ibiza Bohemia, $170.

Image: Bed Threads. 


Which home trend is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

Feature image: Instagram/@assouline @houseofhazar_  @fazeek_home

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