The 6 things you'll be wearing in spring, according to a lifestyle editor.

I know what you're thinking.

Puh-lease. The only thing I'll be wearing in Spring at this stage is slightly more lightweight pyjamas.

And I get it. The enthusiasm for buying "outdoor clothes" for "doing stuff" has understandably waned over the course of 2021. Unless you count leggings, which have skyrocketed in popularity and all-round wearability (I'm wearing them right now).

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But do you know one thing to get excited about in a world that seems so very devoid of exciting things?

A new season. Sunshine. Warm air. And with it, new possibilities. New *outfit* possibilities. Because if this country keeps up its vaccination rate, we'll all be emerging from our cocoons really soon, and we'll need options for our many activities.

Based on what our overseas sisters are wearing during their summer months, as well as what I'm hearing on the fashion grapevine (ahem, refreshing TikTok every 10 minutes), here are the six things we'll be wearing in spring. 

But first, if you're into trends, you should probably brush up on the latest in beauty. Listen to this episode of You Beauty, the podcast for your face. Post continues below.

Spring Fashion Trend #1: Oversized shirting. 

Apparently we're all about to be dressing like a businessman on a yacht, which I'm personally embracing for my spring aesthetic.

Unless you've been on a social media break (so, no one during lockdown) you've likely seen all the cool girls on Instagram kicking around in striped shirts in various shades of pastel. 

While some of them are a bit on the spendy side (like those by cult Aussie label Blanca), there are plenty of affordable iterations of this style available too. 


How to wear it, you ask? Well, nothing looks quite as cool as an unbuttoned shirt sitting slouchily over a lace bra, complemented by lots of gold jewellery. Like I said: Yacht vibes.

And if you really want to commit, you'll take the look to the next level with the next Spring fashion trend...

Spring Fashion Trend #2: Pyjama-style sets.

I did say we'd be wearing lightweight pyjamas, no? Well what about wearing them out of the house?

Raise your hands if that's something you'd be down for. Everyone? Ok, we're in agreement. 

Cotton PJ sets are deemed suitable daywear in 2021, which does literally mean you can roll from your bed to brunch and back again without changing.

Extra points for chucking yours over a swimsuit and teaming with pool slides.


Spring Fashion Trend #3: Lightweight dresses.

If you're more of a dress person, fear not. Plenty of options for you too. 

The good news is that last summer's voluminous sleeves aren't going anywhere, nor are those cutesy gingham prints and pastels.


This season we'll see lots more billowing dresses in ditzy prints as well as a few neutrals. Last year's linen is still in, as is crisp cotton.


Oh! And if you like your dresses on the bright side, 60s-style opulent prints and woven fabrics are having a moment. Think Missoni, only without the splurge.


Spring Fashion Trend #4: Golf dad knits, 2.0.

The golf dad knit (any iteration of a collared or zip-up jumper) was the surprising hit of winter, and the trend is continuing into spring - only it's a bit sexier, so tell your dad to stick to sloppy joes and polo shirts, okay? 

Keep an eye out for ribbed collared knit tops in neutrals like white and beige, and bright retro colours.


Spring Fashion Trend #5: Cut-outs.

I know! I know. None of us are Kendall Jenner, let's just address that upfront - but I feel obliged to warn you that cut-outs will be popping up on lots of clothes over the coming months. 

If they're not your thing, scroll on. But cleverly placed cut-outs - showing a hint of your back or waist - are an effortless way to grab some style points this season.



Spring Fashion Trend #6: Kitschy 90s accessories.

Have you spotted them? Those colourful plastic rings on all the influencers? Made popular by the likes of Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa, eye-popping jewels are the exact opposite of all that fine jewellery that's been trending for the past year or two. 

Leaning into the 90s vibe a little further, you'll be seeing lots of silk scarves and bandanas, as well as stacked-up beaded bracelets and chokers. Into it.


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