Hipster watch: Celebs at Coachella (gallery)

For the uninitiated, Coachella is a music and arts festival held over two weekends in the Californian desert. The second weekend is just about to kick off so we thought we’d have a look at what celebrities have been wearing to the event.

From what we can see, it appears hipsterdom isn’t a condition only known to Bondi residents; celebrities at music festivals are also affected. We’re also a little concerned about Josh Hutcherson holding the fake pistol – did he learn nothing from Pippa Middleton?

Fashion aside, the Coachella performance everyone’s talking about is Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre’s set with deceased rapper, Tupac Shakur. The surprise appearance -he was murdered in 1996- came to life on stage via a hologram. WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE MAY OFFEND.

The event instantly became a trending topic on Twitter and naturally his hologram now has its own account @hologramtupac, which has over 30,000 followers.

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