Chris Hemsworth posts a picture with his parents and suddenly everything makes sense.

Actor Chris Hemsworth has posted a picture of his parents to Instagram, inviting a flood of understanding from across the world.

Well of course. This is where he gets his looks from. And his brother Liam. And their brother Luke.

The actor who plays Thor was at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast with his parents, Leonie and Craig, on Monday night.

He posted a selfie to social media and it’s clear the boys – all actors – are blessed in the genes department.

Just look at these parents.

commonwealth games with Mum dad and @emerysurfboards #gc2018 yeoooooooow!!

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All three boys were raised on Phillip Island, News Corp, reports.

Chris, the middle child at 34, went onto star in Thor. Liam, the youngest at 28, went onto play Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games series. And Luke, the eldest at 37, is known for his work as Ashley Stubbs in Westworld.

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The reaction from fans to Chris’ post is one of amused wonder.

“Can see where you boys got your incredible, good looks from,” one person commented.

“Your parents look so young!!” another said.

There was this from one observer: “Family sure won the gene lottery.”

“No wonder you all came out beautiful…your parents are amazing!!!” another person commented.

“Gorgeous family,” many others applauded.

And, finally, there was this absolute truth.. Not about the Hemsworth parents, instead referring to a very difficult-to-miss, ah, bicep.

“Bicep. Drool. Pardon? Did you say something?”