Liam Hemsworth shares photo with Miley Cyrus. Commits ultimate boyfriend sin.

Men, as much as we might try to understand them, often do things that are just incomprehensible.

Like when they over-stuff the rubbish bin so much that the bag won’t tie – instead of just taking it out.

Or when they neglect to hang up their wet towel even though there’s no way it’s going to get dry lying on the bathroom floor.

Or when they post a couple selfie with you looking out-of-focus and/or crazy.

Listen: No judgement – we’re all doing it.

Miley Cyrus found herself in this position on Monday when her fiancé Liam Hemsworth posted a black and white photo of the pair to Instagram with the heart-melting caption: “My little angel and I.”

The 24-year-old’s response was one that women the world over have asked their significant other at some stage or another:  “Why this picture?”

While many of the pop star’s fans chimed in that she looked “cute” in the photo and that’s probably why he posted it, we feel her pain.

Because there were probably dozens of other selfies taken that week where she looked absolutely flawless – or at least you know, in focus.


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However, Miley didn’t dislike the photo that much, even re-posting it on her own Instagram account, which we think was probably intended to turn it into a teaching moment for others.

The message we’d like to send is: Guys, it’s not hard. Just get prior approval for every photo you post of us, okay?

What’s a habit of your other half that baffles you?