Hayley was shamed online for her engagement ring. Months later, she shared a video.

Fitness content creator Hayley Madigan has called out another influencer for 'shaming' her engagement ring online.

Hayley kept the influencer's name private but stitched part of a clip in which the other woman insinuated the fitness influencer's ring was too small.

"Here's the truth," the content created said. "An engagement ring must hurt a man financially to prove he has long-term intention."

In response, Hayley said: "Now you're out here putting down people's engagements, saying my ring isn't good enough... but let's just clarify: My ring isn't good enough for you. But it is for me."

Watch the moment Hayley Madigan calls out an influencer for ring shaming. Post continues after video.

Video via Instagram @hayleymadiganfitness.

The engagement ring was shared back in February after Hayley's partner Bernie Saupe dropped down on one knee while the pair were holidaying in Norway.

In her response to the shaming influencer, Hayley said it was important to remember that "you don't know how much my ring costs based on one picture. Even if it did cost $100, I still love it. Love does not grow on how much you spend on a ring."


And oh — she is so right.

"Not everyone wants a massive f**king diamond. Some people just want the best friend for life."


In the caption on her post, Hayley further clarified her thoughts, telling followers she made a response to the video because she felt that the woman "trying to put a downer on people's engagements" needed "to be held accountable".

"If my ring isn't 'good enough' for her, it doesn't mean it's not good enough for me. The thing is, love doesn't grow on how much a man spends on you, love is way deeper than that, it grows from spending time with that person, making memories and learning everything about one another," she wrote.

"No one knows how much this ring cost based on one picture and even if it cost $100 I'd still love it because of the symbol it holds."

Hayley Madigan shared a photo of her engagement ring back in February. Image: Instagram @hayleymadiganfitness.


Hayley continued, saying she preferred "the simplest of things" to the other woman's accusations.

"Unfortunately, there are a lot of superficial people out there who only care about how much things cost. I didn't grow up like that, I had a very normal working-class upbringing," she said. "My favourite moments in life are the simplest of things, like grabbing a coffee with friends or hiking up a mountain to see our world.

"I'd rather make lasting memories than waste $50k on a damn ring. Luckily for me, I am marrying my best friend, not his money."

The original video shared to TikTok has since been taken down, but garnered plenty of responses besides Hayley's. 

TikTok creator Lady J said, "Are we really going to compare investing in a relationship by virtue of buying an expensive engagement ring, to a woman buying a handbag...? Can we chuck up those high divorce rates to people not investing enough money in their marriages?


"Here I thought determining a person's true intention was determined on their actions and how they treated another person... not on how much money they spend?"

@the_lady_j_ #relationshipinvestment #isthathowthatworks? #investinginmarriage #interestingopinion ♬ original sound - Lady J

Another criticised the unnamed influencer who saw fit to comment on Hayley's ring, asking, "You want to hurt the man that you love to make yourself feel more secure?"

He added, "It takes a wiser person to learn how to be happier with less... If someone thinks they need more to be happy then they are truly unhappy and they will never fulfil that. That's just going to lead down an endless road of compensating. That's a bad investment."

Hayley previously shared her engagement story with her 572,000 Instagram followers, explaining it was a "memory that will last a lifetime".

"I asked Bernie to come outside and take a picture with me in front of the mountain, I needed him to check whether I was in the frame and to set the camera timer. Instead, he pressed record and this happened," she wrote.

"He said he'd been carrying that box around with him for the last [three] days trying to pick the best moment. He knew if the moment ever happened I would want it recorded and luckily he caught me by surprise until I saw the red box. 

"Never a doubt in my mind baby. Just me and you."

Feature Image: Instagram @hayleymadiganfitness.

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