After 8 long hours, Hamish Blake has created a 'unidonkey' cake for his daughter's 4th birthday.

It's the 17th of July, and you know what that means. It's Rudy Blake's fourth birthday.

"Who is Rudy Blake?" I hear you asking. 

"Why do I care about her fourth birthday?"

Well, dear readers, Rudy Blake is the offspring of comedian Hamish Blake – which can only mean one thing. 

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Video via Mamamia.

Falling amid several Australian lockdowns, Hamish Blake is back for an evening of extravagant cake baking, and you bet we're here after a long night to recap it for you. 

In case you missed it, for the past five years, there has been an important tradition in the Blake family household.

Each year, Hamish Blake has made his children – seven-year-old Sonny and four-year-old Rudy – a birthday cake of their choice.

Fuelled by whiskey, the comedian has pulled off many late-night baking masterpieces over the past few years.

Let's not forget about 2018's Slimer, that literally spewed green icing, or his son's most recent request for Pikachu inside a pokeball (that’s a Pokémon thing, not a bowl of brown rice and salmon and cabbage), filled with jelly and smoke. 

But as Blake put it yesterday, the requests only get bigger and more difficult to execute better each year.

"Somehow it's become a thing that the cakes are getting more and more elaborate, and this worries me," he shared on Instagram.

"There's been a lot of back and forth and the client finally landed on a design yesterday. It's a unicorn flapping its wings, which already I think is tricky, but then there was an extra addition of a cloud."


And if you were wondering how that conversation went, well, you can take a look at it here:

So, with a plan in mind, here's how the night went.

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As is customary, Hamish started out with a few whiskeys. 

Oh, and a sketch of the cake goal:

Image: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz 


Next he shared the building blocks of his masterpiece, which included: 

  • A pre-bought rainbow tie-dye cake.
  • huge selection of icing.
  • A box cutter.
  • Super strength adhesive. 
  • A LEGO structure to be used as a base, constructed by Blake's Lego Masters co-host, Ryan 'The Brickman' McNaught.

Image: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz 

Fuelled by a glass of whiskey... and a glass of tequila, he set to work for his first hour.

"Hey, this is taking f**king ages so if you need to have an early night, this is not gonna be an early one. I’m not panicking, I’m just realising that now," he said at 9.30pm, and an early night it was not.

Highlights from hour one included:

Image: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz 


Image: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz 

In hour two, we got our first glimpse at the rainbow to be coming out of the unicorn's mouth, and it was at this point that we wondered if he was going to make it.


Image: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz 

Until we got our first good glimpse at the structure:

Image: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz. 


It wasn't a work of art just yet but his vision was clear and now, at midnight, Blake was ready to brave ~the cloud~.

Lucky for Blake, the kitchen was equipped with hanging lights, meaning he could easily hang the cloud from the ceiling.

Once he had drunk-mastered a set of fishing knots, Blake hung a plastic plate from his light and poked holes in the bottom to allow for glitter rain:

Image: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz 

It was looking very promising until the cloud misfired.

"We had a glitter explosion, and I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to pick up cake glitter before and reload it into a cloud but it’s demoralising," Blake said. 

In the next shot though, we were shown this beauty:

Image: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz 


The perseverance on this guy is just so admirable if we do say so ourselves.

"Now that, as they say in silicone valley, is a f**king cloud," Blake said, and it was time to return to the unicorn.

Just before 2am, Hame popped back in with an update.

"In the baking game, I'm what's known as a bit of a 'turd till two', and what that means is sometimes your cake looks like a real turd till you get closer to two o'clock," he said, panning back to the cake.

Image: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz 


Then, at around 2.30am, we got our first glimpse at... the mouth.

Image: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz 

And the unicorn was no longer a unicorn. But a 'unidonkey'.

"There’s absolutely nothing I can do. It’s — f**k — it’s three o’clock, I just gotta get the wings on. We’re doing a unidonkey, it’s a unidonkey," he said. 

"I mean, I haven’t done the eyes yet and they could be beautiful. They could bring it right back to unicorn but at the moment, it’s a unidonkey."

As it neared 4am, Blake reminded us, and himself, of who he was doing this for. 

Image: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz 


And with a surge of motivation, we watched on as history was made in a way you just don't see in Women's Weekly cookbooks.

Image: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz 

The unidonkey was complete with fully functioning wings and a floating cloud.

"She’s done. We aimed for a unicorn. We landed at a unidonkey," he wrote upon completion at 3.55am, just eight hours after he began.

"That’s the beauty of life sometimes, wouldn’t have wanted it any other way Welcome to the family, unidonkey. We love you for you. Having said that, we will maul you tomorrow. Goodnight friends."

Image: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz 


It was a journey. Thanks for sharing it with us, Hame.

Feature Image: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz