A 3am finish and plenty of power tools: Hamish Blake and his daughter's 5th birthday cake.

Get your spatulas and whisks out in appreciation because Hamish Blake has done it again!

For the past six years, the popular media personality and father-of-two has committed to a tradition where he makes his kids - Sonny and Rudy - a cake of their choice on their birthday.

And although Sonny's Avatar the Last Airbender cake was made only a hot minute ago, daughter Rudy's birthday has whipped around the corner - so it's time to bake

"It's my little girl's fifth birthday and as decreed, her cake will be a character from the Trolls movie. Not one of the headline characters, but the 25th most popular character - a guy called Mr Dinkles," Blake said.

For reference, Mr Dinkles is a pet worm who has a squeaky voice that only says "mew". Brilliant.

Rudy had asked for a Mr Dinkles cake, fitted with a candy store (because that will guarantee more candy - smart girl) and a moving mouth that says "mew". Another fabulous request was that the cake must poop cupcakes.  

"That's tonight's challenge. It's definitely the weirdest cake I've ever made, but Mr Dinkles in a candy store it is."

The brief had been established. Now it was time for action. 


First and foremost, Blake started with a sketch - and a glass or two of whiskey, all while trying to keep up with Saturday night's AFL game. 

The plan was as follows:

- Mr Dinkles will be working in a candy shop with a cash register and all. 

- Mr Dinkles will have a trap door bum that, when opened, will reveal some tiny cupcakes. 

- Mr Dinkles will have fishing wire attached to his mouth so that when the wire is pulled, his mouth will move slightly - and Blake can say "mew" on Mr Dinkles' behalf.

Image: Instagram/@hamishblakeshotz.

For reference, this is what Mr Dinkles looks like in Trolls and as a delightful plush toy. Image: Instagram @hamishblakeshotz / 20th Century Fox.


Then it was time to get onto the cake. 

Like all good creations, it started with a Rice Bubbles and marshmallow base - which for reference, is pretty much inedible and tastes terrible. BUT - it makes for a fabulous stand-up worm character.

The pressure was on. The stakes were high. Could the marshmallow and Rice Bubbles live up to their purpose?

Image: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz.

After a quick visit to the freezer, the rice bubble concoction was okay. Next, Blake slathered it in frosting.

Then the power tools came out to play, with Blake using a drill in order to prop up Mr Dinkles on a stand.

Now it was time to ice the 'cake' with some hardcore multi-coloured fondant. And by the looks of it, things were going well. 

Then at 11pm, Blake provided an update - Mr Dinkles was nowhere near finished. Reflecting on the delay, Blake said it was perhaps watching the AFL simultaneously that was slowing him down...


So after letting go of his weakness, Blake persevered, and by midnight, Mr Dinkles was coming together nicely.

Image: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz.

Image: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz.


Now it was time to tackle the mouth.

In order to fulfill his daughter's biggest request - that the cake say "mew" - Blake's fishing line idea was put into practice - and it worked. 

By this point, Blake's wife Zoë Foster-Blake had decided to go to bed, with Blake looking rather delirious. The lack of sleep and whiskey had started to show itself. 

And the tipsy birthday tributes had begun.

"Happy birthday baby girl, daddy made you a mighty monster just like you did not ask for..."

With the mouth done and dusted, it was now time for the trap-door bum to be filled with poop cupcakes. And after a bit of trial and error, Blake secured the package. 

Image: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz.

At 1am, it was time for the *actual cake* part. 

With a chocolate cake baked and looking delicious, it was time to assemble the candy shop. 

Blake began to cover the chocolate cake in fondant and cut some holes inside it to fill with candy. 

With the cash register made from fondant too and the candy shop looking ready to rumble, Blake was on the finish line. 

And thank god because it was 3am. 

Watch: Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster-Blake on parenting and their relationship. Story continues below.


Video via 60 Minutes.

"Cheers Dinkles - I don't know how you will run the candy shop with no legs or arms and all you can say is 'mew' - there's not a lot of logic to your shop. But I love it," Blake said. 

"What a journey, thank you for being here guys. As always... see you in a few hours for the party! Happy birthday Rudy."

Taking a total of seven hours to create, the Mr Dinkles cake was officially completed - sh*ting cupcakes and all.

And what a masterpiece it turned out to be. 

Happy birthday, Rudy!

The pièce de résistance. Image: Instagram / @hamishblakeshotz.

Feature Image: Instagram @hamishblakeshotz

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