"We want none of this": Hairstylists on the 9 mistakes they wish brides would stop making.

Look, there's never a good time for a hair disaster. Really, there isn't. But ESPECIALLY on your wedding day. It's not ideal.

Every bride-to-be obviously wants to look the best possible version of themselves on their big ol' special day. But to ensure everything goes smoothly, you need to keep a few things in mind in the lead-up to your wedding - and on the actual day - to avoid any unprecedented ~situations~.

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At the very top of the list? Don't do anything different. Right before your wedding is not a time to try trendy new hairstyles or play with your usual look. Mmmkay?

And because TikTok is absolutely brimming with hairstyles dishing out golden nuggets and tips for brides-to-be, we thought we'd pull together a tight and helpful list of advice.

Ready? Let’s go through the top nine hairstylist do’s and don'ts before your wedding.

1. Search for your hairstylist a year in advance.

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If you're a newly engaged gal that is in the midst of planning her wedding, this one's for you! 

According to hairstylist @styled.byjordan, you should begin searching for your hairstylist around a year in advance - so don't leave it too late! Hairstylists can book out ages in advance, and you don't want to be left scrambling for someone.


There are a ton of different ways you can search for a wedding hairstylist (social media being the most obvious option), but a good place to start is by hitting up your usual stylist. If they're not available or don't do wedding hair, they'll be able to make some recommendations.

2. Wash your hair the day before - not the day of.

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Ask any bridal hairstylist and she'll tell you to wash your hair the day before your wedding - and under no circumstances, should you waltz in on your wedding day with it sopping wet. Big no-no. HUGE.

Why? Hair can be fickle to manage when first washed. You want that little bit of second-day grit and texture - especially if you're wearing a veil or having some sort of updo.

Hairstylist @megboswell said, "Take a shower on your wedding day. We all want to be fresh and clean and ready to go. Don't worry about washing your hair, but do have clean, dry hair ready for your hairstylist when she arrives."

3. Wear a loose-fitting button-down shirt.

Another great tip we've pilfered from TikTok hairstylist @megboswell? Make sure you wear a button-down shirt, so you don't have to pull a top over your head and stuff up your gorgeous mane.

"That way you can just button it down and take it off and not worry about having to take it off over your hairstyle."


4. Don't wear a hair tie.

According to hairstylists, this is one of the most common things brides forget to do on the day of their wedding. 

"We want none of this. In the hair or on the wrist. No bands or ponytail bumps!" said TikTok user @megboswell.

There's nothing worse than having a massive kink in your hair right before you attempt to style it, so try to steer clear of tying your hair up!


"You're going to forget about it, or you're going to end up with a band around your arm and it's going to be in all your photos," she said.


To be honest, we'll never stop thinking about this article, where a bride accidentally got married with a hair tie on her wrist. Sooo... note taken!

5. Be realistic about inspiration photos.

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A hairstylist TikTok account by the name of @wedlocks, shared that every once in a while, her clients come to her with inspirational photos of very specific hairstyles from Europe - particularly Russia.

"If you're bringing inspiration photos in - here's what you need to know," she said. 

"These styles require some very specialised training - a lot of training and SO much practice. They can also take anywhere between two to four hours to complete."

"That means if you aren't 100 per cent sure if your stylist specialises in these styles, I guarantee you, they probably don't - and these are not realistic expectations for your wedding or your stylist."

6. Pick the style that suits you best.

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On that note - remember to pick a style that suits you. For example, if you never wear your hair up... don't wear your hair up on your wedding day, boo.

Most hairstylists, like TikTok user @reynavelez, will tell you that when it comes to picking a style, stick with what you know and like - because your wedding day is not the day to mix things up. After all, you still want to look like you!

7. Start using masks, serums and oils a few months before.

THIS. According to hairstylists, this is one brides-to-be tend to forget. And it's easy, really - there's so much going on! 

But if your wedding is fast approaching, there's no better time to go ham on ALL of the nourishing haircare products - masks, serums and hair oils.


In order to have your hair looking its shiny best, TikTok hairstylist @reynavelez also recommends upping your hair care game a good bit before your wedding day for best results - starting a good routine at least three months out.

8. Wear white during your trial.

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TikTok account @marissagraceartistry, recommends wearing white to your hair trial so you can envision how your hairstyle will look with your dress, adding "Wear a top with a similar neckline to your dress."

She also recommends bringing some accessories (that hairpiece you're going to wear? Bring it with you!) and to have your makeup already done - you could even have your makeup trial beforehand. 

This will give you a better idea of what you're actually going to look like on the day.

9. Bring your veil to your trial appointment.

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According to the bridal hairstylist account @the_pre_nup, if you're planning to wear a veil on your wedding day, it's also a good idea to bring it to your trial appointment.

That way your hairstylist will be able to work out the best way to place it for your specific hairstyle.

"Have your stylist place it and remove it during the trial," said @the_pre_nup. 

"When it comes to your wedding day, they'll be able to place and secure it and they'll be able to remove it without missing it up for the reception."

Have you got any wedding advice for brides-to-be? Share in the comment section below.

Feature image: TikTok; @the_pre_nup; @megboswell.