Bill shock: From $960 to $135, 12 women share how much their last hair appointment cost.

Anyone who gets their hair coloured regularly will agree that it's an expensive mission.

But we pay for it because we love the end result. (Well, most of the time).

Here are five ways to lift your hair game. Post continues below.

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Over the past few days, contributors in our You Beauty Facebook group began discussing how much they spent at their last hair appointment. And, well... wow.

Here's what they had to say:

1. $185.

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"I paid $185 for a full head of foils ($120 for half head), toner, cut and blow dry. I go to a woman's house every six weeks and alternate between full and half head of foils every three visits." – Amy.


2. $532.

"I paid $532 for a full head of highlights, blow dry, gloss, Olaplex treatment and the green fee ($2 for sustainable salon services)." – Talia.

3. $280.

"The absolute most I have ever paid is $280 for foils, colour, toner, cut, treatment, blow dry and products to take home but I made sure to get a quote beforehand and I double checked the fee before they did the blow dry, straighten and before I bought the products. They still didn’t do as good of a job as my current hairdresser though. 

"I have blonde foils, toner and sometimes a trim and it ranges from $135-$170 depending on if it’s a half head or full head but she is AMAZING! She does the best job!" – Meg.

4. $460.


"I paid $460 for a half head of foils, balayage and a blow dry. I go every six months." – Isobel.

5. $450.

"I paid $450 (and that was the half price new client offer). It was the best cut, colour and treatment of my life but no way could I justify $900 going forward!" – Carina.

6. $300.

"I will pay up to $300. I would never pay more than that for a three quarter head of foils, cut for short hair and blow dry." – Lily.

7. $400.

"I pay between $350 and $400 for regrowth, bleach and either half to three quarter head of foils (I always leave it too long), toner, cut and blow dry.

"It’s also done directly at my hairdressers house as she isn’t at a salon anymore. While I miss the salon experience with wine and a cheese board, I like knowing that all the money is going directly to her! She also takes her time so sometimes it can take seven hours – which for what she’s doing to my sad follicles is pretty dang cheap." – Elise.

8. $340.

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"I got a three quarter head of foils with toner and treatment for $340." – Carina.

9. $795.

"I went to a very famous hairdresser... $795! I had scattered half head foils and I wasn’t there that long. The apprentice washed and toned my hair (accidentally mixed the wrong formula and toned it too dark), and I walked out with hair that looked exactly the same as when I went in! 

"Plus it was a week before my wedding and I didn’t have time or money to get it fixed elsewhere. But, I did get a quote beforehand, so I knew it’d be expensive. I was happy to pay that if my hair looked like the inspiration pictures I showed them. I was just too shy to point out that I didn’t get what I wanted at all." – Emma.

10. $350.

"I paid $350 for an ordinary colour and a cut. I nearly died but I paid with a straight face and then died in my car."

11. $960.

"I paid $960 for a full scalp bleach which to be fair took like nine hours, but my jaw dropped when I went to pay." –Georgia.

12. $400.

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"I pay between $320-$400 for my highlights (I pay an extra $80 when I get a full head, compared to $320 for half a head of highlights) as well as a trim, Olaplex treatment and blow dry. I do get a little shocked every time but it's 100 per cent worth the price. My colourist is fantastic." – Charlotte.

How much did you pay at your last hair appointment? Let us know in the comments along with a photo of what you got done!

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ainslie.henshaw 4 years ago

I pay $100 for a full head of foils, toner, a trim and styling. I go every 3 months on average and always leave thrilled with the results and the price!