From biscuit to 'golden hour': The 6 winter hair colour trends you should really get around.

Anyone else flirting with the idea of switching up their hair? Maybe trying a different hair colour? A different length? BOTH?? We say do it.

Cause having new hair is SUCH a terrific thing. Makes you feel cute! Fresh! Not daggy!

And while we're all about going for whatever cut or colour tickles your fancy (get that pink hair, Emily!), there's also nothing wrong with having a little squiz at what's all kewl and ~trendy~ before diving on in there.

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And what better way to find out what's trending in hair colour than to ask a hairstylist? (Rhetorical).

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Here are six of the biggest winter hair colour trends getting around right now, according to founder and director of Edwards & Co, Jaye Edwards

So, if you're looking for some inspo - please, have a wee look.



Snack-themed hair is trending and YES we're into it! Obviously.

Instead of a classic one-tone blonde, the creamy, buttery colours of biscuit blonde feature a perfect balance of both warm and cool tones, meaning it's flattering across a variety of different skin tones. 

"Subtle biscuit tones can be created with a simple gloss over your highlights. This creates a more neutral, deeper colour for the cooler months," explains Edwards.


This season will see darker hair colours move away from those ashy undertones and towards warmer tones that add a touch of vibrance.

"Sometimes it’s all about a small change for major impact," said Edwards. "Going slightly deeper and warmer than your natural hair is a quick way of embracing the cooler seasonal palette."

It's pretty low-maintenance, too - so if you're looking for a colour change but don't want to do anything too dramatic, this is a great option.



Did someone ask for more snack-inspired goodness? According to Edwards, caramel is the perfect way to warm up your classic balayage - just in time for the cooler weather. 

"Caramel hair features the same seamless blend from light to dark, but with deeper, golden highlights blended with a brunette base to create a rich caramel," explains Edwards. 

"You can also opt for a more caramel‑inspired gloss for a softer take on this winter vibe."

Golden hour.


Inspired by that time just after sunrise or just before sunset (y'know, when the light is all warm, golden and lovely?), this hair trend works with all skin and hair tones.

"A rich variation on a sun-kissed summer favourite," said Edwards. "Deep, ‘golden hour’ hue highlights add warmth and brighten up those darker brunette strands."

The best part? It suits any kind of hair length or style, but looks amazing on looser, more natural styles. Did we just find the perfect hair colour? Yes. Yes, we did.


Never heard of it? Well, if you're new to the highlight game, or CBF with the maintenance of staying blonde, bronde hair is your jam. It's a lived-in look that's universally flattering, plus the subtle lightening techniques means it's way healthier for your hair. 

"Bronde tones are perfect for winter, too, and a seasonal alternative to your creamy summer blonde. You can stick to the same balayage or highlights and simply switch up the tone of your gloss," suggests Edwards.

Face-framing highlights.


Starting from the roots, face-framing highlights and layers can be used to produce a warmer glow of light on your complexion, brightening your facial features.

"Your hair and face are sometimes the only parts of your body on show for winter, so we highly encourage you to make them pop! Face‑framing is the perfect way to do this and can be so easily maintained with regular glosses."

Good hair = good skin? Mind. Blown.

Feature image: Instagram/@edwardsandco

Would you try any of the above styles? Share with us in the comment section below.

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