“I transitioned from bright blonde to 'expensive beige'. Here’s why it’s better.”

For the past eight years, I've battled between having blonde or brown hair.

I've always wanted to be blonde like my mum and sister, but the price, maintenance, and the damage it does, leaves me eventually reverting back to my natural colour - a snooze-worthy medium brown.

Then every year or so, I say screw it and dye it all blonde. Soz.

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I've been almost every shade of brown and blonde - usually on the way to reaching the brightest blonde possible or reverting it back to its natural state. And it's tiring and expensive.


Over the past 12 months, I've realised that I'd love to settle on something in between. A colour that allows me to get it touched up only a few times a year, but also gives my hair some dimension and doesn't damage it terribly.

Enter my new favourite hair colour: "expensive beige". 

The last time I saw my trusted hairdresser, David Connelly, he made my hair as light as possible without using any bleach. So not damaging it, but giving me that blonde-not-blonde colour.

My fresh "expensive beige". Image: Supplied.


"I coloured your hair with a 'high lift tint'. It doesn’t swell the hair as much as bleach does, so gives a smoother, glossier result," David told Mamamia.

While this colour is new for me, it's been a go-to option for years.

"Lived in colour has been a trend for some time," David said. "The difference with using softer lightening techniques means the colours tone stays true throughout its lifetime. Bleaching and toners fade to a more yellow bleach undercoat and can look raw and harsh. 

"Healthier hair is the biggest trend in recent years. Healthy hair equals expensive hair. Leaving the bleach at the curb goes a long way to promote longer, healthier, shinier hair!" he added.

The benefits are plentiful, but there is one perk I keep going back to: it's unbelievably low maintenance. 

Choosing a shade in between blonde and brown still gives my hair ~something~ but allows my natural colour to grow out and not look like hectic regrowth. I could easily go six months without touching it up if I wanted to. 

Depending on your natural colour, you can opt for different versions of this. 

For example, Mia Freedman recently changed her darker 'do to what her hairdresser at Edwards & Co calls "sparkly brunette". Instead of colouring her entire head, she got face-framing highlights. 


This works well for two reasons: it doesn't require you to colour your entire head but gives the appearance of fresh colour, and it covers up any greys.

It-girl Hailey Bieber has been getting "expensive beige" for some time now, as has Jennifer Aniston.


I'd go so far as to call this colour a game-changer. I get the best of both worlds, my hair is healthy again and I don't break the bank every 2-3 months.

Highly recommend.

Feature image: Mamamia.

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