Sitting next to his wife, Guy Sebastian was asked if he ever dated Delta Goodrem. He did.


With his partner of over 17 years Jules Sebastian sitting next to him, Guy Sebastian was asked to describe what it was like dating Delta Goodrem.

Guy and Jules met when they were 12 through a church choir in Adelaide, and after dating on-and-off again, have been married for 11 years and have two children together.

But in the 60 Minutes interview airing on Sunday night, it appears interviewer Tom Steinfort couldn’t help but ask about the time the Australian Idol singer, 37, dated Delta, who is now his colleague as a judge on The Voice, during one of the ‘off’ periods in his long-term relationship.

You can watch the promo for Guy Sebastian’s 60 Minutes interview (and the part when he’s asked about Delta) below. Post continues after video.

Video via Nine

Turning to Jules, a stylist and TV presenter, Guy says his few dates with Delta were the first thing he told her about when they got back together.

“I said, “Just so you know, I went on a few dates with Delta,” he said, looking a bit uncomfortable with where the conversation had gone.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Guy said it felt “a bit odd” rehashing the limited details of his brief romantic encounter with Delta some 16 years ago during the interview.


“I’m a family man and Delta is so happy in her life. Even if it’s all in jest, I don’t want to contribute to making Delta look bad. She’s been nothing but so kind and sweet to me,” he told the publication.


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Back in 2015 when Guy first spoke publicly about his relationship with Delta, many assumed he had cheated on Jules with the Australian singer-songwriter, which both Guy and Jules have denied.


Here’s what we know about Guy Sebastian and Delta Goodrem’s dating history, and how it affected (or didn’t affect) his relationship with Jules.

Guy Sebastian and Delta Goodrem.

In 2015, Guy Sebastian shocked Australia when he told The Kyle and Jackie O Show show about the time he and Delta dated back in the day.

“A long time ago, I’d just won Idol … and I dated my pass, believe it or not,” he said on air.

“You know how you talk about your pass? Hers [Jules’] was Heath Ledger. Mine was Delta Goodrem. And I dated Delta, for a few months. No one knew about it.”

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph the same year, Guy clarified he and Jules weren’t together at the time he dated Delta.

Guy and Delta in 2010, years after heir brief few dates. Image: Getty.

“Yes Delta was my hall pass before I knew her. She was then the hot chick on Neighbours for me. Later when Jules and I had been broken up for about a year I went on two dates with her," he said.

Jules added, "Haha!! Sucked in Guy! He has revealed to the world that he’s used up his one and only hall pass!! Delta is one of our great friends so it’ll make some funny dinner table conversation again."

Not long after, Delta also told Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O on radio that Guy was a good kisser during a rapid-fire game of Yes or No, before quickly adding: “Long time ago, guys.”

Guy and Delta also addressed the fact they used to date in a segment on The Voice, the reality TV singing competition they both have worked on together since the end of 2018.


"I met Delta at the ARIA awards 16-years ago. She was so sweet, we hit it off straight away and became good mates," Guy said.

Delta added that she and guy "used to watch Harry Potter together when we were 17-years-old... [and] hold hands occasionally."

Guy and Jules Sebastian's relationship.

Both Guy and Jules have been open about the ups and downs of their long-term relationship.

Speaking to Mamamia, Guy said they split up several times before getting married in 2008 and having their two sons Hudson, seven, and Archie, five.

"All up, we've been together for 17 years. We met when we were 12 years old... we were both singing at a wedding. We got together for a couple of years, then she dumped me, I was totally devastated, then we kind of got back together, unofficially. Then Idol happened," he told Mamamia's I Don't Know How She Does It podcast.


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After moving from his hometown of Adelaide to Sydney following his 2003 Australian Idol win, Guy said they split up again and he dated other people, including Delta.

"You kind of meet people then you realise you had something very special. And that's to say the people I met were terrible people... but I went crawling back to Jules and we got back together. We almost split up again, then we got back together for real and got married," he said.

Guy also spoke about the time Jules dumped him on the Kylie and Jackie O Show in 2017, saying, “She dumped me. She left me because I was a rubbish boyfriend…”

“I was not a gentleman. I didn’t believe in opening doors. It took her breaking up with me for me to realise I was a bit of a douche.”


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Through it all, Guy told Mamamia the secret to he and Jules' 17-year relationship is, that they're great friends above anything else.

"I'd love to put [our 17-year relationship] down to myself, but I'm lucky with Jules. She's very easy going and supportive, we just hang out, we're really good friends above anything else. I think it's the key... you can get through a lot of other things if you're good mates."

You can watch Guy and Jules Sebastian's full interview with 60 Minutes on Sunday June 9 at 8.30pm.

You can also listen to Mamamia's full interview with Guy Sebastian about his life with Jules below.