Guy Sebastian met wife Jules when he was 12. But after he won Australian Idol, they broke up.


They’re one of Australia’s favourite couples, but Guy Sebastian and Jules Sebastian haven’t always been as solid as they appear to be now.

The pair met when they were both 12 years old, singing at a wedding. They formed a special bond and eventually became teenage sweethearts.

During the early years of their relationship, Guy remembers financially struggling and needing to rely on Jules for help.

“I couldn’t afford to put petrol in my Datsun 120Y and I remember leaving it because I ran out of fuel,” Guy recalls in an interview with 60 Minutes that aired on Sunday night.

“I walked for hours to your [Jules’] house, and I was in tears this one time and I wasn’t really a big crier, because I actually had to ask Jules for five bucks or something, to lend me some money so I could put petrol in my car.”

You can watch the promo for Guy Sebastian’s 60 Minutes interview (and the part when he’s asked about Delta) below. Post continues after video.

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Then when Guy, now 37, auditioned for Australian Idol, Jules went along as his support and waited in the green room as he sang for the judges.

Of course, it went superbly well for the young man, who went on to win the 2003 season against Shannon Noll.

Jules explains on 60 Minutes that when Guy went on the reality TV show, his success “felt very overnight”.


And that instant stardom evidently had an impact on their relationship, as they split right after Idol.

guy and jules sebastian
Guy Sebastian and Jules Egan in 2004. Image: Getty.

During that time, Guy dated other people, including his now-fellow coach on The Voice Delta Goodrem. But his heart, he explained, remained set on one woman.

"I went back I guess to Jules because I knew she loved me for who I was," Guy told 60 Minutes reporter Tom Steinfort. "And so I flew to Adelaide, and I said to her, 'I'm famous now. I could be with supermodels and that, but do you want to get back with me?'

"And she said, 'Yes, of course'."

"I mean, what an offer," Jules laughed in response.

guy and jules sebastian
"I said to her, 'I'm famous now. I could be with supermodels and that, but do you want to get back with me?'" Image: Nine.

But once they reunited, Guy knew he had to be open about one small detail. He'd gone on a few dates when he was single, including with Goodrem - who was actually his "hall pass" when Jules and he were together.

"There was a point in our lives when we were dating early on where you know you do your hall pass. And Jules' was Heath Ledger. And then she goes, 'Who's yours?' And I hadn't really thought about it.

"And at the time, I remember, 'Ah, there's that hot girl on Neighbours. She's pretty cute. Delta Goodrem, she's mine'.

"And then later on, I end up going on a few dates with her. So it's a bit odd."


"What are the chances of your hall pass actually becoming your reality?" Jules joked.


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The couple have now been married since 2008 and have their two sons Hudson, seven, and Archie, five.

Guy has previously told Mamamia the secret to their relationship success is their friendship.

"I'd love to put [our 17-year relationship] down to myself, but I'm lucky with Jules. She's very easy going and supportive, we just hang out, we're really good friends above anything else.

"I think it's the key... you can get through a lot of other things if you're good mates."