Guy Sebastian and Iggy Azalea just made it very clear that they don't like each other. At all.


In the most unexpected celebrity news of the year, Aussie celebrities Iggy Azalea and Guy Sebastian are feuding.

And this isn’t a sly-dig, cryptic-clue kind of feud. No. These two have made it abundantly clear that they really don’t like each other.

Let’s start from the beginning.

In 2016, Guy Sebastian and Iggy Azalea were co-hosts on X-Factor Australia. At the time, there was obvious tension between the two. And now they’re making no secret of the fact that they still hold a strong dislike for each other.

“I never liked Iggy,” Guy Sebastian, 37, told the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Friday morning.

“She was awful to me!” he continued, referring to their time on the reality TV show. “Like I had stuff on with my kids, she made us all wait for like three hours or something and then rocks up and has attitude. Like if I’m making everyone wait, which happens ‘cause you know, I’m not the best with time, but at least charm it on a bit.

“Go, ‘Oh I’m so sorry I’m late’. Make up something. And just charm them a little.”

But Iggy, Guy shared, wasn’t into apologising.

“Iggy would walk in and she’d go, ‘My time’s my time. Whatever. Get over it’.”


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Enter: A Very Defensive Iggy.

In a series of since-deleted tweets, Iggy Azalea, 28, made it known that she never liked Guy Sebastian either.

“I want to talk about how Guy Sebastian is a complete liar, let’s get into it!” the ‘Fancy’ singer shared with her nearly eight million followers.

“How can you be late for a show that was filmed on LIVE television,” she posted.

Azalea added: “If you dislike me so much what’s up with all the interviews with you saying you expected to dislike me but that I’m really sweet and lovely?”


She went on to accuse Guy of picking “beef” with the Aussie rapper in an “entirely fabricated” way, sharing, “You told me you were sorry but you wanted to go along with ‘upstairs’ requests to create ‘drama’ so you could make sure you remained a judge for next season?”

Azalea then suggested that Guy’s dislike for Iggy is because she is a “flamboyant & outspoken” woman.

Not done yet, Iggy issued one last blow: “Anyway; best of luck to you and your fedoras!”

“Everyone please watch Guy Sebastian, he’s on The Voice Australia and he really, really desperately needs the ratings to feed his children. Xoxo”


You can read the receipts here…

Guy Sebastian Iggy Azalea feud
Image: Twitter.


Guy Sebastian Iggy Azalea feud
Image: Twitter.
Guy Sebastian Iggy Azalea
Image: Twitter.


Well then. Iggy Azalea didn't just spill the tea. She poured the bloody kettle.

Guy Sebastian is a co-host on The Voice Australia this year, which premieres Sunday Night at 7 pm on Channel 9.