TELL ME MORE: A Grease prequel has just been announced and we're already squealing.


Rev your engines and throw on your dancing shoes: A Grease prequel is on the way.

It’s called Summer Loving, and will follow the fateful summer between Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko before their relationship got complicated at Rydell High.

All we really know from that summer is drawn from the lyrics of ‘Summer Loving‘, which is that Sandy had a cramp whilst swimming and Danny saved her, and that the pair continued to drink lemonade and bowl at the arcade.


Another day in life of a 60’s sweetheart, basically.

But there’s just one thing: Danny recounted the summer as raunchy, whilst Sandy reflected on the summer as romantic.

So who was… telling the truth?


Only time will tell.

According to Deadline, the original Grease soundtrack sold over $38 million copies worldwide, so we’re willing to bet the new soundtrack will be equally as catchy.

There are very few details about the prequel, but we’re very excited to learn more about Danny and Sandy’s love story, and so are the people of Twitter.


Others have pointed out that the Pink Ladies will be missing, though.

One thing is for sure though… these chills are multiplying.