TRIED & TESTED. I got my hands on Go-To's new product. Here's my honest verdict.

Mamamia’s Tried and Tested series is your review of the latest to hit our desks in beauty, health and wellness. You won’t find any #sponsored content here, just honest, relatable and independent advice. This week, Mamamia's Senior Health and Beauty Writer reviews Go-To's The Repair Shop. 

As I've said more times than anyone would care to know, I have dry skin. She's sensitive. Loves throwing out a red patch (or ten). Doesn't like fuss. Resents my job as a beauty editor.

All of this means that I froth over anything with the word 'hydrating' slapped on the front. So, when Go-To kindly sent me a sample of their soon-to-be-released-into-the-wild product, I was thrilled. 

With ingredients like ceramides, vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid, this nourishing repair mask just sounds like a really good time for a walking flake like me.

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So, I decided to give it a whirl. And give you a very real, very honest opinion of what it's actually like.

Okay, are you ready? Hurry up, put your shoes on!


Here's what I thought about Go-To's new mask - The Repair Shop.

Go-To The Repair Shop, reviewed.

The product! Let's talk about the product. A hydrating repair mask. 

On the box, it promises to nourish, smooth and restore your skin's barrier, leaving you with soft, revived and plump skin. Ooft! So many good things. 

It also says it's supposed to be a good follow-up product to The Removalist clay mask - which is another of Go-To's most recent launches.

While it's good for all skin types, it's especially magnificent for someone with dry, tight, sensitised or stressed skin. (ME. IT'S GOOD FOR ME).

Here she is.


You're supposed to use it one to two times a week after cleansing, leaving it on for 10-15 minutes and then gently removing with a warm cloth, before following with serums, oils and creams. 

The product comes in a handy tube, which is a way better time than those masks that come in pots (messy.)

The formula itself is thick and creamy and kinda looks exactly like custard. And while you could be fooled into thinking it would smell like a banana Paddle Pop, it doesn't really have a fragrance to it. 

Not custard.


You can simply apply it with your fingers or use a cute spatula, like the one I'm using above. 

It feels nice on the skin. Not too heavy, not too drippy, and just completely comfortable, really (there's no stinging or any of that BS).

After 15 minutes, it kinda dries into your skin (not in the way you can't move your face, though) and looks like this:

A vision.


That's when you know he's ready to come off - which brings me to...

Should I buy Go-To The Repair Shop?

While I've only used Go-To's The Repair Shop a handful of times as yet, I gotta say - it's enough to make me want to use it again (and again and again). 

Immediately after washing it off, my skin (particularly the dry patches on my forehead) felt soft and smooth. 

Everything looked fresh, plump, less red and just... better. 

Now, as someone who seems to enjoy pissing off their moisture barrier on a regular basis, I was hoping this could become one of those 'reset' products. You know - the ones that help bring your skin back to its best self and save it from the irritation and redness that comes with trying eleventy million products a week.

And you guys - this is one of those products.

It's a great pick-me-up treatment that nourishes your skin, gives it a giant slurp of water, strokes its hair, and brings it back to its best, healthiest version.

Here's what my skin looks like before and immediately after using the mask:

Bright! Fresh! Happy!


Look how bright and happy she is! Gosh, she's a show-off.

This kind of hydration-packed formula is everything my dry, dull skin loves - totally knew we'd be friends. And I'm happy to say I'll definitely be using it as part of my regular routine. 

I'm excited to see what kind of long-term results are on the cards, so stay tuned!

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