REJOICE: After 97 years, your gluten-free friends can finally enjoy the wonders of Vegemite.


Without it, what would we pair with our avocado toast, use to spruce up our chicken and pasta dishes (it’s actually very good) or humorously feed unsuspecting tourists?

While those of us with non gluten-intolerant privilege might not have made this connection, due to the yeast extract in the sandwich spread, coeliacs and those with gluten food intolerances have never been able to partake in the nation’s most iconic food.

Well until now.

97 years since the product’s inception, the makers of Vegemite have finally created a gluten-free and FODMAP-friendly alternative, and it’s taken them over two years of product development to get here.



After receiving thousands of requests for a gluten-free alternative, the Vegemite powers-that-be were able to utilise a gluten-free yeast that has resulted in the salty, umami-filled taste we Aussies know and love.

The latest addition to the Vegemite collection will be available on supermarket shelves from this weeks and yes, it’s practically your patriotic duty to buy a jar for your gluten-free pal.