ROAD TEST: the gluten and dairy free cake mix that actually tastes like regular (yummy) cake.

As a keen baker I’m always fairly sceptical about baking a cake from a packet. It kind of feels like cheating.

Though when my turn to bake the monthly work cake rolled around I kinda freaked out. Some of the team don’t eat dairy and others can’t have gluten. What the hell am I supposed to cook?

Not knowing exactly what’s in all my baking ingredients in the pantry, I was hesitant to make anything from scratch. Instead I opted for this nifty little pack from Well & Good.

The box says it’s dairy and gluten free, and it can even be made vegan with a quick tweak, meaning everyone at work can eat it (even Tina who is fasting for Greek Easter. Hi Tina!).

Well & Good gluten and dairy free cake mix
Getting ready to bake. Image:supplied.

The method is all laid out clearly on the back of the pack and it lets you know what you'll need in addition to the sachets in the box. Because I was following the vegan instructions for me it was a few tablespoons of chia seeds, good old margarine (which is made from vegetable oil) and some tap water.

I decided to make two cakes and layered them so that everyone at work would maybe assume I made it from scratch. Shhhh.

I got started by pre-heating my oven and greased and lined a spring form baking tin, to make turning the cake out much easier.

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Then in a large bowl I emptied the packs of pre-labelled cake mix, added in my pre-soaked chia seeds (to substitute for eggs) and some margarine. Then I set my mix master to high and mixed that batter up for a few minutes.

Next I made the chocolate part of the marble cake, which meant I literally just had to add another little sachet with some boiling water and then gave it a stir.

Once the yellow batter cake mix was a smooth, thick consistency I poured it into the baking tin. To make sure mine was evenly spread I gave it a few good bangs on the kitchen bench. This also allows for any air bubbles to come to the surface.


Now the fun bit: making the marble.

The recipe said to pour the runny chocolate mix over the cake and then get a fork and swirl. This made me a little nervous so instead of a fork I used a skewer to better to control my swirls.

Well & Good gluten and dairy free cake mix
Cake assembly in progress. Image: supplied.

Once I was happy with how it looked I popped it in the oven for about half an hour.

While it was baking I set off to make the icing, which was super easy. I emptied another sachet, added margarine and mixed it together. It was smooth, glossy and chocolatey and there was plenty of it, too.


To check the cake was done I put a skewer in the centre on a diagonal and when it came out clear, I knew it was done (thanks for the baking tips Mum!)

While the first cake cooled I made the second one. Once they were both cool I slapped the icing all over the top (and some in the middle), then added my favourite berries.

Well & Good gluten and dairy free cake mix
Bon appétit! Image: supplied.

The fab Well & Good Nut & Dairy Free Marble Cake Mix  is only $9.50 for a pack of two on Mamamia Shopping. Happy baking!


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