Where to buy gluten-free doughnuts that taste 'better than the real thing'.

Here’s a fact of life that needs no sugarcoating: There is no greater joy than sinking your teeth into a fresh, hot, sugary cinnamon doughnut.

In a world where we have cronuts (literally jam-packed) and the wildly Instagrammable creations of Doughnut Time (literally choc-a-bloc), the cinnamon doughnut still has the power to make you feel like a child again.

But, as anyone who’s had to cut out gluten from their diets will tell you, the doughnut is more of a do-not. Around one in 10 Australians avoid gluten or wheat (whether diagnosed as a coeliac, gluten intolerant or wheat allergic), facing the dire prospect of never getting to eat a proper doughnut again.

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All hope is not lost, though. As food outlets have slowly figured out how to deliver quality gluten-free breads, pizzas and cakes, the gluten-free doughnut is finally getting its hole-y moment.

According to Sydney coeliac Mitch Ohlbach, who recently launched the Gluten Free Dessert Co at the Ramsgate Foodies and Farmers Markets, the doughnuts he sells are “as good as, if not better than the real thing”.

“I’d say at least half of our customers are actually not gluten intolerant,” Ohlbach tells Mamamia. “For us it’s about making sure we have food that’s just good food that just so happens to be gluten-free.”

Classic cinnamon: The Gluten Free Dessert Co's most popular doughnut. Image: Supplied.
All the sweet stuff from Mitch Ohlbach's Gluten Free Dessert Co. Image: Supplied.

The proof is in the tears of his customers when they take that first bite – sometimes after many years of doughnut drought.

"The first week we were out and cooking we had a guy who had been gluten-free for 50 years. He hadn't had a doughnut in five decades. He'd spent quite a bit of time in the military. And this guy started crying eating a doughnut out at the front of the stand," he says.

Made of soy and maize flour, those doughnuts will be a star attraction at this weekend's Sydney Gluten-Free Expo at Rosehill Gardens, which boasts other coeliac-friendly novelties like gluten-free beer, burgers and granola.

It's a hole (*pardon that totally incidental doughnut pun*) in a market, but one that is starting to get filled.

Here's where else you can buy gluten-free doughnuts around Australia:

Sydney: Nutie, 13 Beattie St, Balmain NSW 2041. A vegan and gluten-free organic bakery featuring options like rosewater, cardamom, white choc, pistachios and rose petals. ON A DOUGHNUT.

Melbourne: Mister Nice Guys, 151 Union Rd, Ascot Vale. An allergy-friendly bakeshop that does petite baked doughnuts like lavender, strawberry sprinkles or Margarita.

Brisbane: Nodo Donuts, 1 Ella Street (corner of Chester Street), Newstead or Shop 7, 40 Creek Street, Brisbane. Pronounced "no-dough", this artisan bakery does innovative GF doughnuts like pumpkin maple and "rocky rose" (cacao with sour cherries and rose petals).


Gluten Off, Eat Street Northshore markets, 221D Macarthur Avenue, Hamilton. Gluten Off sell what they call "Gonuts" at Brisbane's newest market precinct. They cater too.

Adelaide: Enzo's At Home, 244a Grange Road, Flinders Park, 302 Port Road, Hindmarsh, Shop 4, 476 Portrush Road, Linden Park, Shop 3, Number 18 Victor Harbor Road,
5210 Mount Compass. The Brand South Australia award winners keep it simple with GF cinnamon doughnuts.

Stockists around Australia: Noshu sells baked, gluten-free, paleo, low-carb no-added sugar cake donuts that average 130 calories per serve. Less carbs and sugar and more fibre than a medium apple, according to their website. They're stocked in food stores and cafes around Australia.



The Sydney Gluten-Free Expo is on Saturday August 5 and Sunday August 6, from 9am to 4pm at Rosehill Gardens.

As well as food stalls, there will be MasterChef demonstrations and experts answering all questions about gluten-free living. Entry is $18 (or $15 online).

The Melbourne Gluten-Free Expo will follow on Saturday October 7 and Sunday October 8 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

What's the best gluten-free food you've ever eaten? Share them with us in the comments below!

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