People are gluing their top lips to their faces for a bigger pout and it looks... ouch.

The eternal quest for full, pillowy, Kylie Jenner-esque lips has finally (hopefully) reached peak ridiculous. Because women are now using glue to stick their top lip to their faces to make their lips look bigger.

Yes, gluing.

The trend started on young-people’s social media platform, TikTok (it’s like a mixture between Instagram, Snapchat and Vine), leaving anyone over the age of 22 confused, and a little alarmed.

The first example we can dig up is of TikTok user @gnarlysinner who shared a video of herself applying eyelash glue to her face, before swiping on a nude liquid lipstick in order to accentuate her pout.

Watch women use eyelash glue to create the appearance of bigger lips below. Post continues after video.

Video by TikTok

For those interested in the specific process… here it is:

gluing top lip
First you apply the glue, and give it some time to set and get tacky... Image: TikTok @gnarlysinner.
gluing top lip
Then you pop your top lip into place and et voila! Image: TikTok @gnarlysinner.

Since then, other users on TikTok and Twitter have followed her lead by posting similar videos.



While using lash glue on your skin is relatively harmless, some users have taken this to the next level by using PVA glue, and nail glue, and this is truly why we can't have nice things.


Obviously this 'beauty hack' is more of a novel internet fad than a helpful method to make your lips appear bigger, but at least it's not permanent, or dangerous, unless you ingest the glue.

Alas, the same cannot be said for the 2015 Kylie Jenner lip challenge in which women filmed themselves sucking on bottle brims and shot glasses, in order to make their lips appear swollen.

At the time the hashtag #KylieJennerChallenge was even trending on Twitter, however health professionals warned against the practice, stating that the suction pressure could lead to bruising in the lips, and even infection.


Ahhh... the things people do for beauty.

What this says about ridiculous beauty standards and the homogenisation of what's considered attractive, and the priorities culture's imposing on young women.... Well, let's just say, we're tired.

Maybe try a good old-fashioned lip-liner instead?

What's the most ridiculous online beauty trend you've ever heard of? Tell us in a comment below!

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