'But... is it safe?' Exactly what you want to know about glass sex toys.

Perhaps the most misunderstood of the sex toy materials, it’s time for glass to have its moment. 

I know what you’re thinking... glass and my genitals? No thanks! And I get it, the idea can seem a bit scary, but this is no regular glass. This is cool glass!

Glass sex toys made of borosilicate glass are strengthened to avoid shattering and keep your body safe. And they really do help facilitate some of the most fun your nerve endings can have. Glass sex toys offer amazing stimulation that is firm, temperate and heavy. It’s a whole new world of sensation and stimulation, and I’m here to tell you everything you need to know!

What’s the big deal with glass sex toys?

Glass is an awesome material for insertable sex toys like dildos, butt plugs, kegel balls and prostate massagers. They are smooth, firm and can be heavy too. That firmness is a big part of the appeal because it’s perfect for internal massage of the highly sensitive g-spot or prostate. 

As well as thrusting in and out, these toys can be used for slow circular movements and pressure-based play where you use the weight of the product to press against the nerve endings inside the body. They truly offer a sensation like nothing else.

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Why should I use a glass sex toy?

You might be surprised to learn that glass is one of the eco-friendliest and body-safe materials you can choose for a sex toy. And that’s because with some care a glass sex toy can last you a lifetime. They’re also non-porous, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and can be completely sterilised between uses. Ticks all around! 

There’s also the wonderful world of temperature play waiting for you to explore. You can heat up glass toys or cool them down before you play. Temperature play simply means playing with hot and cold temperatures to stimulate the body with extra sensations during your sexual play.

Introducing something hot or cold can ‘shock’ the senses and increase sensitivity. The temperature variation stimulates your neuroreceptors which creates a ripple of sensation through your body. When this occurs within a sexual context, this translates into arousal in your body.

Glass is ideal for temperature play because it retains temperature. You can pop a sex toy made from glass or metal in the fridge before playing to cool it down or pop it into a bowl of warm water for 15 minutes to heat it. Just make sure you test it on your skin first to ensure it’s not going to burn the skin. The inside of the elbow is a sensitive spot that will give you a good indication of whether it’s too hot to be used.

But... is it safe?

Let me start by saying that this is not your standard wine glass. Glass sex toys are made from hardened borosilicate glass like Pyrex. Do you know those glass measuring cups in every parent’s kitchen? The one they’ve had for 20 years that has never broken? Borosilicate glass is like that. People worry about inserting glass, but it’s one of the most body-safe materials there is. 


But while glass sex toys are strong and it’s extremely unlikely for them to break inside your body, glass toys are not invincible. This means that if you drop it onto a hard surface like concrete or marble, it may cause chips or cracks in the toy. If these appear, the toy is no longer safe to use.  

And, if you are using the toy anally, then the rules of all anal toys apply. Ensure it has a flared base, handle or retrieval cord to prevent the toy from travelling too far up into the anal canal. The muscles inside the butt are strong and their natural response to things entering them is to clench. This means that things can and do get lost. Remember, no base = no trace!

Let’s take a look at glass toys themselves!

As a sex educator with Adult Toy Mega Store, I’ve tried, tested and talked about a lot of sex toys. Toys of different shapes, sizes, and textures but I’ve not given glass the attention that it deserves, so here are a few of my favourite glass sex toys.

1. Crystal Heart of Glass


Ok, this toy is giving me huge Sailor Moon vibes, and I am obsessed! This beautiful glass dildo is slim, sleek, and non-intimidating making it a great option for beginners to insertable toys. The graduating curves will stimulate the body as you move it in and out. And the rounded tip is ideal for massaging the g-spot in small circles. 

Cons? None. This toy is perfection.

2. Lucent Fleur Glass Butt Plug


To start with, this butt plug is obviously cute AF! Made with super pretty blue borosilicate glass, it’s strong, sturdy and feels amazing inside the body. Butt plugs stimulate your body by applying pressure and lightly stretching the sphincter muscles. The whale tail design keeps it anchored in place outside the body so that it doesn’t travel up into the anal canal and disappear on you. 

Fleur is a small to medium-sized plug, so it’s great for beginners and those with a little more experience under their belts. You can use it with any lubricant type which is ideal as lube is an essential step with any sort of anal play. Water-based, oil-based or silicone lube will all work perfectly with this plug. 

3. Icicles N. 31


Double the ends mean double the fun and this Icicles glass dildo has a lot to offer. Both ends can be used to stimulate the body. You can use the curved end to massage the g-spot inside the vagina or the p-spot in the butt (if you have one). Or you can use the beaded end like anal beads. You can insert them and move them in and out or remove the beads firmly but slowly from the body as you reach orgasm for an even more intense and pleasurable experience. 

This toy is fine to use in either orifice so long as you take care when using it anally. The ends act as handles, but this is seriously slippery when wet so be very careful if you intend to use this toy for anal play. Keep your hands lube-free and hold tight! 

4. Lucent Saphira Glass Massager


Texture lovers unite! Saphira by Lucent is a highly textured and highly pleasing piece of art. Pop it on the bookshelf or the bedside table and enjoy it even while it’s not in use. Yes, it’s a little tentacle-like, but that’s all part of the appeal, right? 

This is another dildo that can stimulate the body in all sorts of different ways. You can use it clitorally, vaginally or anally as the curved end makes a perfect handle to hold on to. Make sure you hold on tight if you are using it anally and don’t depend on that curved end to keep the toy outside of your body. 

Glass toys are the perfect tools for slowing down and reconnecting with your body. In a world of sucking, thrusting and vibrating toys, it can be easy to forget about the slower type of pleasure. 

Feature Image: Adult Toy Mega Store/Mamamia.

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