Georgie Gardner's 12-yo daughter had the best trick to lure her mum to bed last night.

This morning is television presenter Georgie Gardner’s first morning as co-host on Nine’s The Today Show. And what does that mean?

An early, early, wake up, of course. A fact not lost on her children, 12-year-old Bronte and 11-year-old Angus, who last night helped their mother prepare for the big day.

“My 12-year-old’s sweet gesture to lure me to bed,” Gardner, 46, posted to Instagram last night, alongside a picture of her daughter’s helpful offering that included: chocolate; a glass of water; a cup of herbal tea; and reading glasses, all on a take-to-bed tray.

“Three alarms set, now for some zzz’s,” Gardner continued.


This very sweet gesture is despite her children’s somewhat cheeky reaction to her appointment when it was first announced.

“Great mum. You’ll have to brush up on social media. You might get more followers,” Bronte told her mum upon hearing the news.

Angus was even more unforgiving, with a: “Great… You’ll be so tired you won’t have to cook dinner and we’ll get takeaway.”

It was publicly announced in November last year that Gardner would replace former The Today Show co-host Lisa Wilkinson, who left the show in October after a pay dispute with the Nine Network.

It’s been three years since Gardner was a regular on the morning show. She was a Today newsreader between 2007 and 2014, however left to spend more time with her family.

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Now, she’s back and the public reaction is overwhelmingly positive.

Extra credit is also due –  considering Gardner likely left her home before anyone else in the house was awake this morning – because today is her son’s birthday. It’s a detail recognised by fans on social media.





Fellow The Today Show co-host Karl Stefanovic welcomed Gardner onto the desk, and the pair were trading banter in no time.

“You haven’t made any significant errors yet,” Stefanovic, 43, told her.

“Oh you reckon, what about the off-air stuff?” she fired back without missing a beat.

Good to have you back, Georgie. And surely the early mornings will become easier… right?


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