Georgie Gardner explains why she went public about her difficult childhood.

“My story is a bit complicated and it’s not white picket fences.”

Georgie Gardner, 44, has previously talked about her troubled childhood. But her decision to be honest about her upbringing has caused issues with her family in recent years.

Most notably, a brother who is no longer speaking to her.

Speaking to Mia Freedman on her podcast No Filter, Gardner explains her reasoning for doing this, despite the difficulty for her family.

Georgie Gardner on Logies night.

"I had to tell the bits that were a bit unpalatable for my family. Their argument was it's not your right to share that publicly. We didn't ask for that to be shared public," Gardner said.

My argument to this particular sibling was, well, it's not your life, it's my life. It's my story and you might not like some parts of it but it didn't happen to you. It happened to me," she continued.

You can listen to more of Georgie Gardner speaking to Mia Freedman on the podcast No Filter below...

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