Gemini season is here and it's going to do wonders for your love life and relationships.

If you felt personally victimised by Saturday night’s blue full moon, we have ace news.

From May 21 to June 21, Gemini season will be in full swing, and unlike anxiety-inducing Taurus season, our favourite celestial twins are here to spice things up.

Geminis are known for their outgoing, sociable and whimsical nature, and, according to astrologer Natasha Weber of Astrotash (Instagram @astrotash), this is going to translate into our love life and relationships.

What can we expect from Gemini season?

Here’s the good news: everyone will be feeling extra chatty and social, even introverts, but especially if you were born under fellow air signs,  Libra and Aquarius.


“Gemini season will offer a chance to connect with others,” says Natasha.

“Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is the sign that loves to communicate, whether that be in written or verbal form, or through more subtle ways such as body language.”

If you’ve had a tiff with a friend, you should use this time to smooth things over.

“For those that have had a falling out with someone close, Gemini season is a great time to reach out and initiate contact,” she says.

This extra boost in your communication skills can also positively impact your learning ability, which is great news if it’s been a while since you opened your Duolingo app.

Alternatively, treating yourself to a Netflix documentary or true crime podcast binge definitely counts too.

“Study and education is highlighted during Gemini season, even if it means picking up a great book that teaches you something valuable,” she adds.


What should I be wary of during Gemini season?

While our Geminis pals are normally the bubbly life of the party, at their worst, they can also be moody, impulsive, manipulative and prone to gossip. The sign is symbolised by ‘the twins’ and this speaks to their dualistic nature, that can occasionally be seen as two-faced or overly dramatic. Natasha warns to be wary of spreading rumours and gossip, whether intentionally or not.

“The main drawback is getting involved in gossip,” she warns.

“If you speak unkindly behind someone’s back, buy into opinions that are unfounded or believe everything you hear without confirmation from the source itself, the consequences could be disastrous.

“There is also a danger of being overly flirty during Gemini season, which is obviously a no-go zone if you are in a committed relationship.”

You have been warned.

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