Gal Gadot has responded to the 'outrage' over her low Wonder Woman salary.

Remember when Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman made box office history and became the highest grossing film with a female director—as in more than AU$300 million in one weekend—of all time?

And then her salary for the film was revealed and people were “outraged” by the comparatively low rate she was paid compared to her male superhero counterparts?

It turns out, Gadot wants us all to relax.


To recap, news broke last week that the 32-year-old actress was paid around AU$400,000 for her role in the breakout movie of 2017.

While that might sound like a lot to the average Joe, it was significantly less than male stars like Robert Downey Jr., Henry Cavill and Christian Bale have made when they’ve played similar on-screen heroes.

It was also a drop in the ocean compared with what the movie has so far made at the worldwide box office. (For those playing at home, the film is estimated to have generated more than AU$860,000,000 around the world since it’s release).

Wonder woman feminist
Wonder Woman = not stressed about her "outrageously low" salary. Image via Warner Bros.

But the superstar superhero told gossip site TMZ that she is "grateful and happy" for the paycheck she received for her turn as Diana Prince.

When told she deserved more for the next movie, she cheekily responded, "I think I should get you as my lawyer."

So there you have it: if Wonder Woman herself is happy, who are we to complain?

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