Cassie was looking through her baby photos when she spotted two bunnies... humping.

There’s nothing more gratifying than looking through your baby photos and remembering just how damn cute and innocent you were before adulthood tarnished your soul.

But one woman who found herself fawning over her own baby pics discovered something had gone… slightly awry in one Easter-themed photoshoot.

Is the Easter Bunny cute or terrifying? Check out what these kids thought of the Mamamia Easter Bunny. Post continues after.

The photo shows the cherub-faced kid surrounded by Easter eggs in a pair of OshKosh B’gosh overalls, joined by two fluffy bunny rabbits.

All the makings for an iconic throwback pic, right?

Well, on closer inspection, it’s not so innocent after all…



Didn’t spot it?

Check again:

Sweet Jesus.

(We'd like to take a moment to appreciate her mum for holding on to it for this many years).

Cassie Krull shared the hilarious pic to Twitter in 2015, but it being Easter weekend and all, it's doing the rounds again.

And people are rightly loving it:


Ahh, we love the festive spirit of the internet, don't you?