Seven Year Switch's Tim just learned a very icky parenting lesson mid-baby photoshoot.

Oh dear.

Seven Year Switch‘s newest father Tim has learned an icky parenting lesson many dads can relate to: Beware the poo explosion.

On Tuesday afternoon, he and partner Jackie uploaded adorable snaps from their family photo shoot with their newborn bub, waiting until the last moment to share this beauty…

“Totally forgot about this happening at the photo shoot!” the couple shared with their 28,000 Instagram followers, adding the hashtags #pooexplosion, #welcometofatherhood and #unlucky.

While the smelly situation with little Chadwick Wolf Naughton (Chaddy for short) is, err, not ideal, fans couldn’t help but laugh at the fitness trainer’s misfortune.

“Haha this happened at our shoot too,” one commenter shared. “Hubby had poop all down his arm and shirt.. and then she did a pee on her older brother.”


Fellow Seven Year Switch couple Ryan and Cass also joined in, commenting “GOLD!”.

Although the pair welcomed their baby boy into the world on the 29th of August, they waited until the September 27 release of New Idea to share any details.

Once the bub’s name and first photos had been released to the public, Jackie told her followers she’s already keen to grow her tribe more.

“Loving being a mother so much, wish I had’ve started earlier so that I could have ten more children,” she said. “Best thing I’ve ever done. Whole new level of love, anxiety and protectiveness.”

Here’s hoping Tim didn’t like those pants, and hasn’t been turned off the whole idea….