"High heels... in the snow?" And 7 other questions we have after watching Frozen 2.

Warning: This post contains lots of spoilers for Frozen 2. 

After six years of waiting and listening to the Frozen soundtrack on repeat over and over again, Frozen 2 finally hit cinemas last week.

From the moment Disney released the trailer in February, kids and adults everywhere have been excited to see what sisters Anna and Elsa get up to on their next adventure.

Watch the trailer for Frozen 2 below. Post continues after video. 

Video by Disney

The sequel promised a look into Elsa and Anna’s mysterious family backstory and how Elsa ends up getting her magical powers.

And the movie well and truly delivered. Plus, we got to see more of Olaf and his one-of-a-kind monologues.

But the movie did leave us with some pressing questions – eight to be exact.

Here are some of our thoughts.

1. Why are they wearing high heels in the snow?

Throughout the movie, we see Anna and Elsa travelling through the snow, running through an enchanted forest, climbing out of caves and being chased by giant rock creatures. And they manage to do all of this while wearing high heel boots. Yes, they look very stylish and yes, we had some serious shoe envy watching the movie, but are they really that practical?

2. How come Anna and Elsa weren’t at all aware of their family’s backstory? And how come the mum never told the dad she was the one who saved him?

Normally, when you’re a royal, you’d be pretty well-versed with the family history and genealogy. Anna and Elsa seem to know nothing of their mum’s origins. On top of that, you would think their mum would have told their dad that she was the mysterious girl who saved his life as a kid. That seems like a pretty important thing to tell your husband.

3. Why do the people of Arendelle all wear the same colour clothes? They have access to other colours, Elsa and Anna wear different ones?

Throughout the movie, the people of Arendelle seem to all be wearing varying shades of blue. So much so that they form a giant sea of blue in the background of some scenes. And we just don’t understand. Is it just lazy animation or is there a kingdom-wide dress code that Anna, Elsa and Kristoff don’t have to adhere to?

4. Why does Elsa keep changing outfits? But also who is her stylist because she looks great.

Speaking of clothes, Elsa has quite a number of outfit changes in the movie. There’s no doubt she looks great, but we don’t understand how she’s had time to change outfits so often when she’s busy tracking down that creepy voice that keeps singing to her. 


Elsa also gets a transformative new hairdo, which is just her letting her hair down, but it feels different and edgy somehow. 

Anna, on the other hand, gets seriously ripped off in the styling department. She doesn’t even have magic powers, surely she can have some more outfit choices? 

5. Did we really need to see the moment Elsa and Anna’s parents took their final breath?

During the movie, Elsa and Anna discover the very ship their parents died on and it’s pretty eery. 

Elsa ends up using her magic powers to conjure up the last moment when their parents die and she freezes it in time like a weird memorial statue.

We see the parents embrace each other in their final moments as a giant wave comes crashing down and takes their lives. The whole thing is pretty dark. And it seems a little inappropriate for a kids’ movie.

6. Did Olaf really need to die?

All hope is lost towards the end of the movie. Having just seen how the parents die, we next watch Elsa freeze to death as she tries to learn the truth about her family’s past. 

Then Anna is in a cave with Olaf, her last surviving companion and remaining beacon of hope. And then he dies. 

We watch Olaf slowly melt away in Anna’s arms before his snowball remains float away into the wind and transform into flowers. Even as an adult it’s hard to sit through. 

In the end, Elsa brings Olaf back to life, but why did we have to go through that emotional rollercoaster? 

7. Did they have to make the water horse so terrifying?

Different characters seem to represent different natural elements in the movie. There’s a firebug, a spirit humorously named Gale, rock people and a water horse.

But why have a cute little firebug and then make a demonic waterhorse with glowing eyes? And why have a whole scene where the horse repeatedly tries to drown Elsa? This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

8. Why did the story have to be so complicated?

Unlike the first movie,  Frozen 2 was notably more… complicated. We saw Anna and Elsa’s whole family backstory, a murderous grandpa, an enchanted forest strife with political tension, giant rock creatures, Kristoff’s mini relationship breakdown and a frozen lake island where the spirit of Elsa’s dead mother was singing. It was a lot.  

We’re not sure how young children were expected to follow along with it but it certainly made for a gripping storyline for older kids and adults.

That said, even though the movie certainly had its questionable moments, it’s still an epic adventure story, sprinkled with cheeky adult humour.

What did you think of Frozen 2? Let us know in the comments below. 

Feature Image: Disney.