Turns out some of the 'Friends' might have been hooking up off screen as well.

It’s been more than two decades since the cast of Friends hung out in Central Park for the first time, which, while a little scary in terms of passage of time, means they’re overdue for a reunion.

On Sunday, they organised a little get together in the form of an hours-long extravaganza to celebrate the show’s director James Burrows (who also directed almost every other notable 90s sitcom).

Okay, so they didn’t organise it, but they were all there and they did have a good ol’ fashioned yarn. (Well, most of them did; Matthew Perry had “commitments” in “London”, apparently.)

Whatever Chandler, could you BE any more absent? And have you not heard of Webjet?

Aside from the fact that most of the gang appear to have gone backwards in age (Hollywood, eh?), we learned a few things from the catch up.

Mostly that some of the so-called “Friends” had sex with each other in real life, not unlike their on screen counterparts or, well, any group of 20-something friends in history.

“Did you all sign contracts saying you wouldn’t sleep with each other?” host Andy Cohen asked.

To which David Schwimmer responded with a confused look, “Well that was broken.”

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Lisa Kudrow laughingly said she wasn’t asked to sign a single thing.

Obviously minds began whirring trying to figure out just who did the hooking up, and Cohen asked the obvious question:

“Who had the best chemisty?”

“I think we all had the best chemistry together. Except the three girls, we all had lunch together every single day for ten years,” Courtney Cox replied.

Very diplomatic.

We learned a couple of other things too. For example: Monica could have been played by Jennifer Aniston, while Cox was initially approached for the role of Rachel.

“We both just thought the other was better for the other part,” she explained because, well, duh.

They also addressed the one question that has always plagued us: how do a group of barely employed friends in their early twenties afford two giant apartments in the middle of New York?

“Inherited!” Aniston answered, gesturing wildly at Cox, who explained the apartment came from Ross and Monica’s grandma.

Admittedly, not everyone was impressed by the special, probably hoping for a more Friends-heavy Friends reunion (and who can blame them?).

It was good to relive some of the classic moments though and see Ross, Rachel, Monica, Pheobe, Joey and Chandler (except not really, get it together Perry) together again.

Feature image: NBC

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