'I just got back from Paris. Here are 6 French fashion trends I spotted everywhere.'

Paris, what a treat. Post-pandemic, nothing felt more like an antidote for those years stuck inside (I’m from Melbourne) than packing my bags for the city of light.

I’m in Europe right now to work on my first book (all about secondhand style) and while the quaint part of the world I’m basing myself in (rural Sardinia, to be precise) is charming, I needed to escape for a few days. 

After all, when in this part of the world, you have to take advantage of those easy flights across the continent, and in my case, get inspired by somewhere a little more chic than rustic.

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I’ll tell you, as soon as I boarded my flight to France last week I could feel the style of those around me elevating, and the moment I hit Paris’ streets I noticed some distinct fashion trends I thought I would share with you.


From the platforms of the Paris metro to the windows of the Celine store, monochrome is absolutely everywhere this season.

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In Paris I saw all sorts ensembles celebrating a single colour. Think distinct combinations such as a fashionable puffer jacket mixed with tailored trousers and matching sneakers by day. In the same vein, by night, I spied matching stockings to heels to handbags. 

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There’s something about being able to pull off one chosen colour which signifies chic. 

A refined palette.

In terms of the actual colour palette, toned down brights or up-levelled neutrals were what was in.

Now this is hardly a new concept when it comes to Parisian style, but rather than the navy and black you might assume a French person would wear, I was seeing a different set of neutrals absolutely everywhere.

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Camel, shades of grey, blues - the current Parisian palette is elegant and able to be worn in many ways. Yes, it's autumnal in its essence, but in a way it’s more than that. It’s an embrace of classics with a twist, and we all know that’s what Parisians do best.

Forest green.

Speaking of palette, the main colour du jour in Paris was hands down forest green. Again, sitting within that set of elevated neutrals, I spied this colour on all sorts of items - from backpacks to evening gowns.

Green is a great neutral as it’s obviously one of the most prevalent colours in nature, but it still has an edge. More exciting than grey, more versatile than orange, it’s a colour with spectrum.

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I was thrilled that I packed my vintage Jimmy Choo’s from Sydney’s Pelle Shoes, which happen to be in a very apt shade of forest green.

The leather look.

Whether it’s real leather (preferably pre-loved) or pleather, the leather look was everywhere in Paris. Yes, this ties in with the 90s trends we're all currently overdosing on, but the French had a way of pulling it off that took it to the next level.

I saw leather look trousers, trenches, dresses, the lot. The French had a way of doing leather without looking over the top.

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From my observation, the Parisian way of wearing leather is all about keeping the cut of each garment simple. There was nothing ostentatious or obvious about the way they carried this extreme fabric. Instead it was worn with an elegance and nonchalance, naturally.

Felt fedoras.

Paris is cold right now. While the weather there is a far cry from Australia as it heats up for summer, here’s a trend to remember for next autumn...

Cozy headwear is necessary on a freezing day, but rather than berets (or even beanies) I saw felt fedoras around every Parisian street corner.

This was the trend which surprised me most, and I found it the most endearing too. There’s just something about a hat with a brim that makes for a more complete look.

Chunky sneakers.

On the back of that Jimmy Choo comment, I’m more of a heels girl myself. But in Paris I couldn’t help but notice a load of proper sneakers vs the usual slimline trainers we're more used to.

Image: Supplied.


Personally, I’m not averse to a pair of Keds or Converse, but seeing those fashionable Frenchies wear 80s-style, chunky sports sneakers had me convinced that this is a look.

Comfort is elegance, after all.

The takeaway.

Overall, my brief experience in Paris was insightful and inspiring. Whether the Parisians like it or not, we’re always looking at what they’re wearing.

Image: Supplied.


The fashion trends I noticed were all focused on simplicity. 

As per usual, in that effortless french way, there’s a mixture of agility, comfort and style with what they’re wearing right now.

Obviously, Paris is an ideal setting for a fashion boost. I’m not sure it's on your own agenda anytime soon, but here's your permission to book dinner at a French restaurant or at least hit up Pinterest for some Parisian style inspo.

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