Five days before she was supposed to get married, Kolbie gave her wedding away to a stranger.

When 24-year-old Kolbie Sanders made the decision not to get married on October 20, she wanted some good to come from the decision.

“With my engagement ending, I’ve come to find tremendous peace in knowing that I did the right thing for the both of us. With that being said, now I want to do the right thing by others and let some good come out of this decision,” she wrote on Facebook.

“This is a long shot but since my wedding venue has been paid for in full already, I have decided to donate my venue valued at $3,500 to a couple to use for their wedding day,” she added.

With just five days until the wedding day, Kolbie set on a mission to find the perfect couple to donate the money to. She asked couples to send her a message with details about their love story, and how the donation would help them.

She had a certain type of couple in mind.

“This is for couples who can’t afford a fancy venue or for couples who are spending too much money on their kids to be able to afford a nice wedding. This is for couples who love each other and will continue to choose each other for the rest of their lives,” the young Texan wrote.

Kolbie’s post then went viral, inspiring local businesses to donate flowers, makeup sessions, and food for the big day.

After selecting a few stories that really moved her, the Texas woman wrote down names and broadcast herself on Facebook randomly selecting a winner.

The lucky woman was Halie Hipsher, who Kolbie told The Washington Post had a beautiful reason.

Her grandfather had just been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, and she wasn’t sure if he would make it to her wedding, which was planned for 2019.

“She ended up telling me how winning this wedding would let her pawpaw attend her wedding,” Kolbie told the publication.

Hipsher then shared a beautiful Facebook status thanking Sanders for the wedding.

“I give credit to this amazing woman that has the biggest heart!,” she wrote.

“Beyond grateful for everything,” she added.

What a touching act of generosity.