After finding a wedding venue, Bekkie got a cruel email that wasn't meant for her eyes.

Planning a wedding is stressful, there’s no doubt about it, but as the “to-do list” gets shorter and the elements start to come together to shape the momentous day – it becomes more and more exciting.

Usually, there’s a host of wedding industry professionals encouraging this excitement – from the caterer, to the photographer, to the dressmaker. It’s their job to ensure everything on their end runs smoothly; settling nerves before the big day, and making the bride feel special.

But, as reported by the Mirror, one bride-to-be’s experience with wedding venue staff in the UK couldn’t be further from being made to feel special. In fact, she and her family were left “absolutely devastated” after dealing with them, and it’s enough to make you never want to get married.

Bekkie Barker thought she had found the perfect venue, so after consulting with her parents and in-laws, who all visited the venue too, she decided to put a deposit down to secure the date.

A breakdown in email communication led to a phone call which ended in, much to Bekkie’s disappointment, the staff member offering to refund the deposit as she “didn’t think they could work together”.

Moments later, she received what she thought was a follow-up email from their conversation… But it turned out to be intended for a different recipient.

It was an email to the caterer trashing Bekkie’s parents, calling them “socially retarded” and insulting their hometown.

Bekkie shared the email on Facebook:

The email Bekkie Barker received from the wedding venue. Image: Facebook.

Accompanying the image, in a Facebook post titled "A warning to future brides" Bekkie detailed what had happened prior to receiving the message, saying she had initially chosen the venue for the "customer service skills they pride themselves on".

She has since told Hull Live: "What was written in the email was absolutely outrageous.

"People can say what they like about me, but saying things about my family really hurts.


"My family were absolutely devastated when they saw what had been said - it broke our hearts, and we are really tough.

"None of my family are disabled, but if they were and had seen the message, it would have been even worse."

She went on the say that the comment on the amount her parents had to drink was false, and frankly, offensive.

"My mum was also upset about the comment on how many drinks they had, as it was just wrong. She only had a prosecco and my stepdad had a juice as he was driving.

"It not only insulted my family, but badly insulted everyone else from Hull - I'm proud to be from here and I know my family are too."

While Bekkie felt obliged to call the venue out for the insulting message in the interest of future brides, the owner Sharon Wood has received nasty messages and even death threats, she told Hull Live.

On learning of the threats, Bekkie said: "The death threats are nothing to do with me or anyone I know, and I absolutely don't condone them as nobody deserves to be treated like that.

"I wasn't going to make it public, but decided to in the end as they never said sorry."

Sharon, the owner of Bunny Hill Weddings, revealed the email was sent by someone who has now been fired from the company, and has apologised.