'I tried that popular FOREO device to see if it actually did anything. Here's what happened.'

Last week I uploaded an innocuous lil pic onto the gram, for no other reason, really, than to prove a point. 

In it, I had used the FOREO BEAR microcurrent device on the left side of my face, only. But I made it clear that the point of posting wasn’t really about that. 

What I intended to do was try to support something I’ve believed in for a while — that by working out our facial muscles, we can stave off the signs of ageing, and perhaps even forgo the old tox. Controversial, I know.


But it turned out that even though I didn’t want to go on about the FOREO BEAR device, everyone else did. I was getting questions left, right and centre — from 'is it an exfoliating pad?', to 'does it hurt?', to 'is it safe?'. 

So, naturally, I decided to answer them all, in a dedicated road test, right here. 

Just wanna start by saying though — I’m not an expert in microcurrent technology. I’m just a little beauty writer trying something out and sharing my experience along the way. 

I can’t state from a position of expertise that microcurrent is “without risk” — but given that the BEAR device is sold all over the world for any old fool to take home and play with, it feels safe enough for me.

What is the FOREO BEAR?

It is not an exfoliating pad! It is not a massager! Again, I’m not an expert, but I don’t think it’s a TENS machine, either. While TENS technology targets nerves, the BEAR uses low-voltage electrical currents (and anti-shock technology) to stimulate the 69 muscles in your face. 

Legend has it that the benefits of microcurrent technology were first documented in the 1700s when a Swiss professor used a series of electric shocks to regenerate the muscles of a locksmith suffering from arm paralysis.

Over time, as the technology was refined, and clinically trialled, estheticians began incorporating electrical currents into facial treatments to make like a mini-gym for your face, instantly defining cheekbones, lifting brows, firming sagging skin, tightening fine lines and wrinkles, and re-educating your body to produce its own collagen.


It costs $549 (certainly not cheap, I know), and you can purchase it at Sephora.

How do you use it? 

Okay, so here’s where I made a little mistake. While I was fielding questions in my direct messages, I’d had more than a few amaretto sours. 

Feeling rather devil-may-care, I casually told a few people that as long as you’d “lubed your face up” with “anything really” you could just gliiiiide the FOREO BEAR over your skin to get results. This was clearly the kind of confidence found in a bottle, because that, my friends, is incorrect.

You need to use something that conducts the microcurrents, and FOREO do peddle their own highly-conductive skin-loving serums to use with their device. 

You could technically use something like water, aloe vera gel, hyaluronic acid, saline, ultrasound gel, ultrasonic gel, or hey — even water-based lube! 

I’m sure there was a rumour that it made a good primer

Then, once you have appropriately smothered your face for peak conduction, you can either use the QR code to download the FOREO app which guides you through a toning workout, or you could follow some of the many available on YouTube. 

Eventually, when you’ve learnt all the moves, you can just freestyle it, like I do.

Once you’re done, turn the device off, give it a wash under the tap with some antibacterial soap, and then pop it back on the shelf for next time.

How did you go with it?

I have been using the FOREO for a few months now, and while I can’t say I have the time nor inclination to do it daily, I absolutely do use it three to five times a week.  


When I first started, the highest setting was way too much for me, and I could only manage about half of its maximum. I’m now used to the microcurrents, so I turn it up full whack every time I use it.

Watch: Here's what the process looks like. Post continues below.

Video via Mamamia

The sensation is definitely strange. It feels a little bit ‘fizzy’ but at no point is it painful. Feeling tiny little muscles you never knew existed spasm involuntarily is... odd. And if you watch it in the mirror — pretty funny! But nothing unpleasant, at all. 

Some people commented on this video that when they use their microcurrent device, their face doesn’t do this. I don’t know how to respond, because clearly, mine does. 

Perhaps it’s the conducting gel, the strength of this particular device (there are a few out there!) or its setting, or maybe some people are more sensitive to microcurrents than others. 

If you know, message me! 

The verdict.

I love it. If I have gone a few days without it, I start to look a bit soft around the jaw and cheeks and feel a deep need to zap it all backup. The results are instant, and once I’ve levelled out both sides of my face I do feel snatched for the rest of the day.


In terms of ‘long-term’ results, I’ll let the clinical studies step in here, since it’s hard to detect a significant improvement in your own face, over time, when you look at it in the mirror every day. 

So, based on third-party clinical trials, the results of which are available on the FOREO website, the BEAR improved wrinkles, fine lines, skin firmness and elasticity in one week.  

Ninety-five per cent of users reported their face looked younger and cheekbones more lifted. Ninety-eight per cent reported their skin looks healthier and less puffy, and 93 per cent reported improvement in puffiness and crow’s feet around their eyes. Ninety-eight per cent would recommend BEAR to a friend.

I have only tried this particular device, so I can’t help with how it stacks up against other brands. I would recommend it, yes, but I appreciate that it is quite a significant investment. (About the same as one round of anti-wrinkle injections, I’ve been told)

So, do your research, shop around, and see if it’s anywhere on sale.

And also, feel free to slide in my DMs. You can connect with me here

Have you tried the FOREO BEAR device before? What are your thoughts? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Carly Sophia.

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