Florence's reaction to the second same-sex date in Paradise was almost as troubling as Paddy's.

Tonight, Bachelor in Paradise contestant Florence made it abundantly clear that she was not impressed in the slightest to see Elora in paradise.

But despite a profanity-filled description of her (which Channel 10 rightly censored), it was her reaction to Elora’s choice of first date that had viewers talking.

When Elora chose to pursue Alex Nation romantically, Florence’s remarks echoed the sadly widespread opinion that bisexual women just “can’t make their minds up”, or only “opt in” for male attention.

Watch Elora enter Bachelor in Paradise below. Post continues after video.

A deep-running societal misunderstanding that members of the LGBT community have battled for years, and that often hinders those who identify as bisexual from coming out.

“Oh she’s bisexual now,” Florence said, before adding: “She was so straight on The Bachelor.”

It was a sweeping and ill-informed judgement of a woman’s sexuality that, frankly, shouldn’t even be a topic for Florence to speculate, let alone invalidate.

Alas, hers is a judgement still held by huge percentage of mainstream society.

To the camera, she elaborated: “It wouldn’t be The Bachelor without straight girls turning lesbian if we’re bored or not getting enough attention.”

The insinuation that sexuality is a choice – one that comes coupled with wanting to impress a male – is one that truly shouldn’t exist in 2019. But if Bachelor in Paradise has taught us anything this season, it does.

Later in the episode – much like previous contestant Paddy’s remarks about Brooke and Alex – Florence went on to fetishise the two women, upholding what should be an outdated yet ever present patriarchal opinion that two women together exists purely for male enjoyment.

As Bill expressed to the group that he would be disappointed if Alex kissed Elora on their date, Florence was quick to respond: “What, because you can’t watch?”, before turning to Alisha, pecking her on the lips and exclaiming: “Look, we’re lesbians now.”

"I always had a little thing for Alex," Elora told Mamamia.

Speaking to Mamamia before the episode aired, Elora admitted that she had always had a crush on Alex.

"I always had a little thing for Alex. We were exchanging a few messages before we went in there on Instagram. But you could emotionally tell she wasn't available," she said.

She also commented on Paddy sexualising Brooke and Alex's date earlier in the season, when he told fellow contestants he "hoped there'd be oil and massages involved".

"Two women are always beautiful to watch really. That's a known fact isn't it?" she said, theorising that Paddy's comments were purely curious.

"It's something that's never been seen on TV, and men want to know because I think they know we have something between us that's more intense than they could ever give the girl.

"They feel insecure and say 'what is happening' because they are curious and it's the unknown so they want to understand it," she explained.

Tonight, however, it was a woman contributing to the misunderstanding, and Twitter wasn't having it:






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