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8 clothing items that look good on absolutely everyone.

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If you clicked on this article thinking it was going to be your stock-standard listicle about items that look good on everyone but are just boring and really obvious things like ‘jeans’ and a ‘black blazer’, well I’m sorry for wasting your time. 

But if you’re not into boring stuff and love clothes and style, welcome! I’ve popped together a list of items I think should be in everyone’s wardrobe. They’re fun, they bring joy, and they look good on absolutely everyone. 

The talented and delightful Laura Brodnik has written about it but I did notice when researching for this article just how rubbish the selections are for anyone over a size 14-16 in Australia. As a mid-sized queen, I knew it was dire, but wasn't aware quite how dismal it was. 

The more affordable brands that are doing extended sizes seem to be under the impression that women above a size 16 want to wear the most dull clothes imaginable OR there are some great small businesses doing more fun prints and styles, but $400 for a jumper really isn’t realistic for most people, especially in the current climate where a few measly mandarins can still set you back $5.80.  

So I’ve tried to find a bunch of clothes, under $150, that come in an array of sizes (size 4-26). These aren’t your typical everyday items, but you CAN wear them more than you think you can and they’re items you’ll have forever.

The red dress.

Forget the little black dress, she’s a bit tired because she’s so sick of getting flogged for every single occasion. Try the RED dress. Be the woman in the red dress and I promise you, you’ll start to feel a level of confidence you didn’t know existed within yourself. The colour suits everyone; it’s bold, unexpected and damn sexy.

I bought the Nitha Dress last year and have never felt better than when I rocked it for the first time. It’s available in sizes 6-20 and it’s just glorious. 

If you’re after a style that’s easier to wear a bra with, the Curve Hugger or Fringe Dress are other options in sizes 6-20 and equally fun and sexy.           

Showpo Nitha Maxi Dress, $99.95.

Image: Showpo.

Dazie Curve Hugger Maxi Dress, $69.99.

Image: Dazie, The Iconic.

Showpo Siofra Mini Dress, $99.95.

Image: Showpo.

Princess Polly Lars Maxi Dress, $95.

Image: Princess Polly.

The midi skirt.

The not so humble midi skirt is an essential for so many reasons. It doesn't matter how tall you are or what size you are, it’s going to look SO good on your bottom and you can wear it year-round. I pair mine with an oversized graphic tee in summer OR a cute crop to go out at night. 

In winter you can layer it in so many different ways, it makes an oversized knit instantly look more thought out and chic, just tuck it slightly up into your bra to keep shape in your fit. 

This option from Fayt is available in 3 colours and sizes 6-26. It’s stretchy and lightweight and will look good on everyone. 

Staple the Label Evoke Bias Midi Skirt, $139.

Image: Staple the Label, The Iconic.

Tussah Glide Midi Skirt, $129.95.

Image: Tussah, The Iconic.

Atmos&Here Curvy Nya Slip Maxi Skirt, $59.99.

Image: Atmos&Here Curvy, The Iconic.

Dazie Ali Tile Print Bias Cut Maxi Skirt, $69.99.

Image: Dazie, The Iconic.

Maxi dress.

There is nothing that makes me feel more free than a maxi dress. Maybe because in lovely light fabrics, it almost makes you feel naked. I feel like a whimsical angel strolling around the corn fields barefoot. 

Look for fabrics you can hang and go, fun prints and make sure they’re not too sheer. I promise you that if you think they don’t suit you, you just haven't tried on the right fit. They’re easy and effortless and you can layer them year-round which we LOVE. 

Showpo Marisse Maxi Dress, $89.95.

Image: Showpo.

Dazie Bloom Rayon Floral Lace Maxi Dress, $79.99.

Image: Dazie, The Iconic.

Showpo Aliciana Maxi Dress, $99.95.

Image: Showpo.

Princess Polly Seabreeze Maxi Dress, $100.

Image: Princess Polly.


If you think sequins are just for toddlers and Swifties, I’m here to tell you that you’re wildly inaccurate. Sequins are for EVERYONE. You can go full on Eras Tour, with this Mini Dress; it’s such a universally flattering shape, comes in four different colours and is available in sizes 4-20.

Tussah Gracie Pants, $119.95.

Image: Tussah, The Iconic.

Showpo Deliza Pants, $79.95.

Image: Showpo.

Beginning Boutique Morgan Black Sequin Playsuit, $89.99.

Image: Beginning Boutique.

St. Frock Athena Bomber Jacket, $89.90.

Image: St. Frock.

The party pant.

My friends know how much I adore a fun pair of pants. So often, pants are a bit of a dull wardrobe contender; we think tailored work styles or a jean. Fine, essential even to build out your wardrobe, but they certainly don’t spark much joy. 

Having a party pant ready in your wardrobe arsenal will always make you feel like you’ve leveled up the style stakes. Start slightly subtle with pleather or leather, OR go wild and add in a printed flare, sheer lace, layers and ruffles etc OH MY. 

LENNI the label Horizon Pants, $149.

Image: LENNI the label, The Iconic.

Beginning Boutique Mykonos Yellow Floral Pants, $89.99.

Image: Beginning Boutique. 

St. Frock Riley Pant, $69.90.

Image: St. Frock.

Beginning Boutique Saria Orange Sequin Pants, $109.99.

Image: Beginning Boutique.

Joyful jumper.

Put down the Steve Jobs black turtleneck and pick up something that elicits a little bit more vibrance in your life. A fun knit is a perfect example of style still being comfortable and cosy, but making you look like you’ve got wayyyy more confidence with your clothes than what you’re feeling. 

Big W and Kmart always have great options, in a bunch of colours, under $15.  

Sportsgirl Ada Swirl Knit Cardigan, $79.95.

Image: Sportsgirl.

Gorman Rambling Jumper, $249.

Image: Gorman.

Beginning Boutique Belmont Stripe Sweater, $89.99.

Image: Beginning Boutique. 

Boiler suits.

I’m not cool. I’m just not. When girls are like “oh I’m such a nerd, I like Star Wars”, I cringe a little because I raise them a Jedi Master and offer up my puzzle caddy, level 1300 on Candy Crush, and Youtube history that showcases a LOT of Crash Bandicoot ‘how tos’. But the Boiler Suit makes me LOOK cool. 

Make sure it fits you properly (fitted to SLIGHTLY oversized), else you’ll look like a 3yo or a painter. It’s surprising, it’s easy and the only problem it offers involves your bladder. Going to the loo in these creatures is a real art, there’s nothing more humbling than sitting starkers, with your tummy hanging over your fanny and your boiler suit pooled at your feet as you desperately hope no one bursts in.

Showpo Silvena Jumpsuit, $129.95.

Image: Showpo.

Target Washed Denim Boiler Suit, $70.

Image: Target.

Insight Nikki Denim Maxi Boilersuit, $139.95.

Image: Insight, The Iconic.

Next Mid Blue Denim Jumpsuit, $122.

Image: Next.

Next Linen Blend Cargo Jumpsuit, $79.

Image: Next.

Two-piece set.

Every single time a new mum asks for style advice, I tell her to get a two-piece set. You feel like you’re in PJs, the effort level is even less than your activewear but it IMMEDIATELY makes you look like you’ve got your life together. They’re so cute and comfy and as an added bonus, you end up being able to mix and match your way around a bunch of different outfits. 

Showpo Tommy Two Piece Set, $109.95.

Image: Showpo.

Fashion Nova Mackenzie Pant Set, $68.

Image: Fashion Nova.

Fashion Nova Maddie Short Sleeve Legging Set, $59.

Image: Fashion Nova.

Fashion Nova A New Direction Pant Set, $59.

Image: Fashion Nova.

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