A man has left a series of bizarre comments about labia on a bodysuit article and mate, no.


There seems to be a burgeoning community of men on the internet who claim to know more about the female anatomy than actual women.

What a time to be alive.

Joining Paul, the man who tried to explain the difference between a vulva and a vagina to a gynaecologist, and the man who helpfully advised women everywhere how they can save money on tampons (thank you!) is Bagdash.

Welcome Bagdash, your introductory package will arrive in 3-5 business days.

Bagdash’s contribution to society so far lies in his entirely cooked and very long comment on a Jezebel article, in which he kindly let the writer know that she does not seem to understand what a labia is, before divulging information about his height(?), penis size and opinion on a woman’s bodysuit.

We think Bagdash might just have a shot at president of The Men Who Know Everything About Vaginas Society (the title is a work in progress).

The comment appeared on an article published on Monday which called out e-commerce site Fashion Nova for spruiking a bodysuit that would barely cover a woman’s genitalia.

Mamamia reviews the viral Beginning Boutique bikini bottoms. Post continues after.

“I really want this Fashion Nova bodysuit that will only cover 15 per cent of my labia,” the piece by Ashley Reese was titled.

“The red Here For Fun Bodysuit (also available in an equally cooch-defying black) may result in a trip to the gynecologist,” it read.

“It may literally have to cling on for dear life upon a single labium majus.”

In case you were wondering, this is what the Here For Fun Bodysuit looks like:

Or as it should be named: the Here For Thrush Bodysuit. Image: Fashion Nova.

Bagdash, as the great mansplainers before him, began his comment/deranged thesis: "It seems you need an anatomy lesson."

"Labia are not the entirety of the groin," he continued.

"Whereas I can see where you are trying to compensate for the idea that the vagina is the totality of female genital, this is a little beyond what is necessary. Some women have large labia minora, which might not fit in this, but not everything in the word is tailor made to YOUR BODY.

"Labia minora are actually the inner labia, despite the commenter's note. They are enclosed in the labia majora, which are usually the most visible part of the vulva.

"You can't expect for everything to fit you 'just right'. Women with smaller labia are also just as normal as you are with whatever your labia size is."

The comment spiralled further as the man bizarrely attempted to drive his point home:

"As a short man, I wouldn't comment on the designs of a big-and-tall store.

"So you have big labia. Great. Keep it to yourself. Do you want me talking about the size of my d***, big or small? For example, these jeans just wouldn’t be able to handle me."

In case that wasn't confronting enough, he went on to discuss the "problem with feminism", which you always know is gonna be good:

"Now to get myself in trouble, a problem with feminism in this sense is that it tries to bring women to the level of men by acting like men. That being said, men acting like men has been the problem. We don’t need women to act like men in all of their bulls***."

It was all... very confusing.


Unsurprisingly, Twitter had a field day: