The ‘cookie theory’ is the only wardrobe hack you need.

If you're anything like me (and most women in the world who love fashion), you've likely got loads of clothes sitting in an online shopping basket, waiting to be purchased. From funky coats to chunky boots and fitted blazers, they're all there, just waiting for you to check them out. 

Sadly, many of our wallets don't support that kind of lifestyle. 

But a fashion stylist on TikTok has offered up the perfect cost-saving fashion hack that has come right on time during this cost-of-living crisis.

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According to fashion stylist and author Allison Bornstein, you shouldn't have to check out a cart of everything you've ever laid your eyes on just to get the wardrobe of your dreams. 

To combat an overflowing wardrobe, she's offered up the 'cookie' theory.

Borstein, who is also the creator of the 'wrong shoe' theory and the 'three word method', said the 'cookie' theory is all about intentional spending. Essentially, instead of filling up our closets with versions of something you really want, the fashion expert says that buying the one item you're really craving — even if it's on the spendy side — will save your wardrobe and your wallet. 


She likened it to being on a diet in a new TikTok video.

"You know when you're on a diet or when you are intentionally trying not to eat something? Let's say you're trying to cut out sugar and at the end of the meal, you really want that cookie," she said. "But you're not eating sugar! You'll say, 'I'm trying not to eat that cookie. I'll eat a bunch of other s**t instead but I am really just wanting that cookie."

So you eat one of your low-fat, sugar-free non-cookies, but it doesn't hit the spot. So you eat a bunch more, and you're still not satisfied. Aaaand you end up eating the cookie you really wanted all along. 

That craving we have for food is the same one we have for shopping.

"If you really want a suede blazer and it's a little pricey, instead of buying the blazer you really want, you might buy a suede blazer that's less expensive," Bornstein continues. 

"But it's not really the one you had your eye on... Then you buy another one, because this one is better than the one you bought and still a little bit less expensive than the one you really want."

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Then, she says, you will eventually repeat the process again and again but still feel unsatisfied. "Now you have like three blazers but you still do not have the suede blazer you really want."

And, hard relate.


You've now bought three 'affordable' suede blazers instead of the expensive one you really wanted — but you're still left feeling like something's missing. (And you've probably dished out the same amount you would've on the one you actually wanted.)

"I know we can't always afford the cookie or the suede blazer," she continued. "But I will say that if you wait, if you save and if you try not to buy the things that are similar but not as good, I promise you will get what you want and you'll feel so much more satisfied.

"But if you have those five other not-as-good suede blazers, you'll probably feel guilty buying the one that you want and then your wardrobe will suffer because it will be approximations of things that you like but not the actual thing that you want."

That isn't to say the 'cookie' theory is always the best option — it's just that sometimes, following this process can be a better option.

Bornstein told The Cut"Shop a little less. I'm not saying don’t buy stuff. I'm not saying get rid of everything you have. I'm just saying: Maybe have one extra thought."

So, try out the 'cookie' theory for yourself. In time — probably not today or tomorrow, either, but eventually — your wardrobe may look more like the curated closet of your dreams.

Feature Image: Canva.

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