'I'm a plus-size woman and these are the 5 fashion rules I'm following in 2024.'

Alright, real talk for a moment. 

The world of fashion hasn't always been an inclusive place. Actually, since we're being real, it still isn't. 

But we've entered an era where fashion no longer has a size limit and since we're being honest (as mentioned above), I've decided to redefine what style means to me. 

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That means I'm drawing the curtains back and getting even more real about what ideals I'm taking into 2024 and what I'm leaving behind — because there are so many rules and I simply don't have enough time to follow all of them.

And with all that being said, I must say that there is absolutely no pressure to heed my words and adopt them for yourself. We all have different ideas about what looks good on who. So when I say, 'Do you,' I truly mean that. 

Now let's get on with it! 

Here are the fashion rules I'm following in 2024 as a plus-size woman.

1. I'm not buying anything that can't be worn more than a few times.

I fell into a hole a few years ago where I had a package arriving at my door every week filled with clothes I didn't even like. I'd wear an outfit once for a photo (or hundreds) and then obsess over who had seen me in it and what event I could wear said outfit to next without anyone figuring out I'd already worn it before. 


In 2022, I decided it was enough and bought nothing for a year. It was an uncomfortable decision, mostly because for the first time in my life, clothing was available in my size. Not just the frumpy blouses and unflattering dresses but the cool stuff. I finally could fit in, but it didn't make me happy. I was chasing a feeling I didn't even enjoy. (You can read more about that here.) 

"I only really spend a lot of money on clothes I think I will have for years to come." Image: Supplied.


I learned a lot about the value of a buck (oh, alright. I'm still learning...) and just how important it is to invest in the clothes that last. So many items had stretched out in the wash. Or the seams had ripped. Or threads had come loose. But there are clothes I've now owned for four years that I am still wearing to this day and I'm really proud that I don't follow trends just to fit in. 

I can now say I only buy outfits on new occasions or when something I own has given out. 

2. I'm embracing layers, sleeves and bold colours. 

I don't want to own too many dresses or blouses I'd only wear for three or four months of the year. The best pieces in my wardrobe are the items I consider wearing daily. 

Sure, there are dresses that really only suit a hot summer's day and coats I won't even consider pulling out of the closet if the weather is above 15 degrees. 

But for the most part, I have blouses and shirts that make me feel comfortable when it is hot and cold. And blazers to pull an outfit together whether it is raining or not. 

And I like it best this way. 

I'm also not shying away from colour. I'm sick of that tired old narrative that black is the only option for plus-size women because it's "slimming". I'll be picking pieces that suit my skin tone and make me feel like me. 

"I'm wearing bold colours all year around in styles I think suit winter and summer." Image: Supplied.


3. I'm investing in good quality denim. 

There's nothing better than a good pair of denim jeans. It's a shame so many brands don't cater to the bigger body, because it's exactly where I would throw my money. They can be paired down for a casual setting or dressed up for a nice dinner. 

I own a really good quality pair I got from ASOS a year back and they are yet to fail me. 

"A good pair of denim jeans is all you really need." Image: Supplied.


4. I'm going for minimalism. 

So, here's the deal: fast fashion is a bit of a mess, and I've had enough.

Minimalism seems like the way to go. It's all about having less stuff and finding joy in things beyond just buying. I'm ready to declutter and focus on what really matters. 

After I quit shopping a few years back, I learnt to appreciate and respect the things I already owned.

I'm not going to say I live the lifestyle of a minimalist yet, but I'm embracing options that feel a little more... timeless, so I can start the process of shedding the unnecessary items. 

Like I said, I'm not there yet. But I still have clothes I haven't worn for years and I want to be someone who can love everything they own. So it's a goal of mine.

5. I'm following more fat fashion bloggers. 

I've been on a quest for some serious outfit inspo, and honestly? Blogs, fashion websites, and social media are basically my new BFFs. 

Trust me, the plus-size fashion influencers out there truly deliver when it comes style, so I'm always looking to them for inspiration. Sometimes they make me think I need something new, but it's usually always in my wardrobe anyway. 


Here are a few of my favourite plus-size fashion bloggers: 







What are the plus-size fashion rules you're following (or breaking) in 2024? Let us know in the comments below!

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