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A 'Blake Garvey moment' and a clear favourite: Everything we know about Farmer Wants A Wife 2020.

Our farmers are doing it tough. 

But… some, it seems, are dealing not only with the ongoing impact of climate change, the aftermath of our worst bushfire season in history and drought, they’re also really keen to find a wife

And because now seems like the perfect time for city folk to pack up their things and move to the country, Channel Seven is bringing back a reality show that encourages just that.

After four years off air, Farmer Wants A Wife is finally returning this month with original host Natalie Gruzlewski. 

While the series was originally delayed due to COVID-19, Seven Network have announced the show will hit our screens on Sunday July, 26.

Meet farmer Alex: Post continues below.

Video via Channel Seven

But it looks like we might be in for a bit of a shock ending, with one of the five farmers apparently set to dump their winner and instead go back to their runner-up. Yep, someone's going to take a page out of the Bachie handbook and pull a full-on Blake Garvey. 

An alleged insider shared the spoiler during an interview with Fifi, Fev & Byron last month.


"My friend is on Farmers Wants a Wife. I know that she ends up with the guy. He ends up choosing her at the end - and then he ends up going to the other girl that he didn't choose!" the insider said. 

"Such good dirt. Such a good secret! I've never wanted to watch it more!" Fifi responded.

If this sounds all too familiar, it's because former Bachelor Blake Garvey pulled the same stunt in 2014 when he split with Sam Frost to date his third-place contestant Louise Pillidge. 

At this stage, the identity of the farmer remains a mystery. But here’s everything we know about the contestants (and their dogs) so far:

Alex, 28, Cunnamulla, QLD.

farmer wants a wife
Image: Seven.

Self-described "energetic larrikin" Alex is a sheep and cattle farmer (he has cute dogs!) in the Queensland outback.

He wants to find a woman he has a lot in common with, so that means she'll need to be spontaneous and down for annual trips to Byron Bay for Splendour in the Grass.

Alex's favourite movie is Fight Club because, and I quote: "The plot is based around people being stuck in their boring mundane lives and jobs, looking for an excuse to break free and rebel from the constraints of society" and he finds that appealing. That's a lot.

farmer wants a wife
IT'S A DOG. Image: Seven.

Alex always says being a dad is the "number one thing" he wants out of life. He prides himself on his strong work ethic, so like, that means you might need to eat dinner alone. But he's also really loyal to his loved ones and likes an adventure. Fun fact: Alex has a British passport.

As you can see from the trailer above, Alex is already a clear favourite, with two different women vying for his heart. 

"When Alex walked in, his blue eyes just lit up the world," one contestant says.

 "I felt an immediate connection, suddenly I was like this giggling schoolgirl," says another. 

It looks like we'll have to wait and see how this one plays out.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

The women vying for Alex's heart include: 

  • April, 23, a healthcare consultant from NSW
  • Brittany, 24, a disability employment consultant from NSW
  • Brooke, 25, a printer and bartender from NSW
  • Henrietta, 31, a teacher from QLD  
  • Jessica, 25, a real estate agent from Victoria 
  • Nicole, 30, a clinical beauty therapist from NSW
  • Sarah, 23, an environmental consultant and assistant from NSW   
  • Tahlia, 23, a gym manager from NSW 

On this episode of The Spill Laura and Kee discuss the farmers and the process to apply to be on the show. Post continues below audio... 

Neil, 42, Crookwell, NSW.

farmer wants a wife
Image: Seven.

Neil is a merino sheep farmer in NSW's Southern Tablelands with impeccable taste in movies. See his top 5 for reference:

  1. Dirty Dancing
  2. Love Actually
  3. The Princess Bride
  4. Yesterday
  5. Ocean’s Eleven

Neil's also a big fan of sporting and poker analogies, which makes sense because those are two of this main interests (he also likes politics and writing - we stan a multifaceted man).

He most values teamwork and honesty: "Being able to look at your teammates and know that your contribution is, at the very least, fair and at its best admirable. That counts most when your teammate is also your life partner," he says.

farmer wants a wife
DOG. Image: Seven.

He knows how good love feels and he wants that again.

"Having lost hands that I thought were winners, I’ve learned to control my emotions, display little and learn lessons," he says. "My hope is to eventually win a really satisfying pot."

He is a single father of three kids aged 14-17 and isn't worried about whether his partner has or doesn't have children.

Fun fact: Neil makes an unforgettable lasagna, and that is exactly what we value most in life. He also looks good in highlighter green.


The women vying for Neil's heart include: 

  • Chantele, 31, a farmer from NSW  
  • Hayley, 30, an energy manager from Victoria 
  • Jasmine, 38, a not-for-profit founder and executive from QLD   
  • Justine, 36, an eyelash technician from QLD 
  • Karissa, 34,  a childcare worker from NSW 
  • Kimberley, 36, a fitness instructor from NSW 
  • Megan, 40, an online coach from SA  
  • Sally-Anne, 43, a business banker from QLD 

Sam, 27, Innisfail, QLD.

farmer wants a wife
Image: Seven.

How good would a never-ending supply of tropical fruit be? Sam has a tropical fruit farm so that is a thing that could happen.

Sam likes cars, camping and tractors so... I'm sure he's got quality banter.


Sam says the sort of woman he is looking for is "a woman with a big heart", and also what is really important to him in a relationship is "a woman with a big heart". Small-hearted women need not apply. They also need to love food.

He says he is caring, affectionate and honest with a sarcastic, dry sense of humour. Relatable.

It's very important we mention he's also Sicilian, which means ITALIAN FOOD, so Sam hands down has the best options for our stomachs, which is very important.

Fun fact: The Fast and The Furious movies are his favourites. Come to think of it, would we call that fact fun?

The women vying for Sam's heart include: 

  • Ainsley, 27, a visual merchandiser from QLD 
  • Emily, 24, a student from VIC 
  • Katrina, 29, who works in local government from VIC 
  • Kirsten, 28, who works public relations and events from NSW  
  • Madeleine, 24, a child educator from VIC 
  • Natalie, 30, an NLP coach and Reiki practitioner from NSW 
  • Riley, 23, a registered nurse from NSW 
  • Sophie, 23, a client partner from ACT 

Nick, 44, Deviot, TAS.

farmer wants a wife
Image: Seven.


That's very exciting, and Nick knows it.

"I bring a lot of wine to the relationship, that’s for sure. I also know where to find the best tacos. I’m very good at finding tacos. So yes, tacos and wine."

Bless this man.

He also prides himself on the fact he knows what mushrooms will and won't kill you, and he once protected his ex-girlfriend from a coyote who tried to attack her while they were watching a meteor shower on top of a mountain. He's seen some sh*t, man.

Nick has no kids but reckons the best time to have them is "exactly nine months after first meeting". We... think... he's joking. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fun fact: Did we mention the wine? Oh, yeah. Nick also knows what mushrooms will and won't kill you.

The women vying for Nick's heart include: 

  • Alexandra, 36, an advertising director from NSW 
  • Amber, 36, a model from VIC 
  • Deborah, 47, a hairdresser from NSW 
  • Emma, 33,  a hairdresser from QLD  
  • Liz, 34, a marriage celebrant from QLD 
  • Marnie, 48, who works in training and assessment from QLD  
  • Naomi, 38, an organisational change manager from NSW 
  • Rachael, 42, a finance news journalist from NSW 

Harry, 28, Goolgowi, NSW.

farmer wants a wife
Image: Seven.

Harry is a grape, cotton and sheep farmer which is truly a weird combination.

His favourite movie is The Man From Snowy River, and we knew that was going to come up in at least one of these profiles.

Harry prides himself on being loyal, trusting and a great friend, plus he reckons he's respectful and willing to help anyone in their time of need.

He wants a woman who is easy-going, loves a laugh and has "a passion for enjoying life, not just living it".

farmer wants a wife
DOG. Image: Seven.

He says a campfire with chilled drinks, a roast dinner and "good music" (A bold claim, because he seems to be a big fan of Country tunes) is ready and waiting for the right woman. Hopefully he'll check fire ban communications first.

Fun fact: Harry's down to have kids, but doesn't "want to rush the fun part of trying first". Mmhm.

The women vying for Harry's heart include: 

  • Ashleigh, 31, a mechanical fitter from WA 
  • Jodie, 30, a service administrator from Tasmania 
  • Karlana, 24, a food stall owner from Victoria 
  • Kate, 29, a customer relations manager from QLD  
  • Madison, 24, a dentist practice manager from QLD  
  • Sarah, 27, a business owner and personal trainer from QLD  
  • Holly, 29, a dental nurse from NSW  
  • Stacey, 28, a farmhand from Victoria 

Farmer Wants A Wife airs on Sunday July, 26 at 7pm on Channel Seven. 

This article was originally published on November 2019, and was updated on July 16, 2020.