Mamamia recaps 9 WTF moments from Netflix's truly terrible new rom-com Falling Inn Love.



First thing’s first. This post contains several spoilers for Netflix’s Falling Inn Love. Proceed at your own risk, but also, you could just read this instead of watching it. Up to you.

To all of those who spent two hours of their precious weekend watching Netflix’s new rom-com Falling Inn Love… condolences.

I too was sucked in by the premise of city girl Christina Milian making a sea change after losing her job and breaking up with her dickhead boyfriend, only to meet her hunky Australasian soul mate while undertaking some The Block-style renovations on an entirely unliveable bed and breakfast in the middle of nowhere in New Zealand.

If you haven’t seen it, you can watch the trailer for Falling Inn Love below. Post continues after video.

Video by Netflix

To say Falling Inn Love is a truly terrible movie would be, well, correct. With its cast of colourful Kiwi characters and low budget production value, the film does have a certain watchable charm, but ultimately, it’s very, very bad.

Also, a lot of things don’t… make sense. So, let’s recap the nine most WTF moments from the awful movie this writer, just quietly, still managed to enjoy.


1. When Gabriela handed over her personal details to enter an online ‘Win an Inn’ competition.

falling inn love
Oh, a scam email. CLICK. Image: Netflix.
falling inn love
Sure, I'll give you my bank account details. Image: Netflix.
falling inn love
This is not sketchy AT ALL. Image: Netflix.

Girl. Have you not heard of identity theft?

Sure, she'd had a few vinos, but it's completely unrealistic that a strong, independent woman like Gabriela would not only click a link in an email clearly designed to install a virus on her laptop, but enter her personal and banking details on a scam website.


2. When the leading man in the rom-com set in New Zealand was... Australian.

KJ Apa
KJ Apa, a leading man from New Zealand was clearly not available for the 'leading man from New Zealand' role. Image: Getty.
falling inn love
Let's get an Aussie to play it instead. Image: Netflix.

Clearly, Riverdale's KJ Apa was unavailable to play the movie's Kiwi leading man.

So, instead of hiring a New Zealand actor to play a New Zealand character in a movie full of fairly decent New Zealand accents, they hired an Aussie actor with the most Aussie accent ever.

Makes sense.

3. When the owner of the local hardware shop didn't make Gabriela pay for anything.

falling inn love
'Sure, I'll front you $100K.' Image: Netflix.

I'm sure New Zealanders are lovely, lovely people but money does make the world go round.

How Norm, the seemingly cashed-up owner of the small town hardware store, has enough capital to front Gabriela's thousands-dollar renovations debt is a little suspect.

4. When Jake agreed to be Gabriela's business partner and fund half of her inn renovations.

falling inn love
Even Charlotte knows this business agreement will end in tears. Image: Netflix.

"Hey, I just met you and you've been quite rude to me the handful of times we've spoken, but how about I bankroll 50 per cent of your inn renovations? And let's just shake on it. No need for a legally binding contract."

5. When Gabriela and Jake rapped to each other in the car and our souls died.

falling inn love
MAKE IT STOP. Image: Netflix.

All of Falling Inn Love was fairly cringeworthy but THIS moment when Gabriela and Jake, two people who've not spent much time together AT ALL, rapped in the car while looking into each other's eyes TAKES THE CAKE.

6. When Gabriela and Jake read 100-year-old love letters to each other sitting back to back as the camera panned around them.

falling inn love
Real life or 90s music video? Image: Netflix.

People don't... sit like this.

7. When rival inn owner Charlotte stole Gabriela's phone to text her dog ex boyfriend to come visit her in New Zealand.

falling inn love
DOG MOVE, even if owning both the inns in your small town is your dream. Image: Netflix.

This moment might've been the most realistic of the whole movie.

But also, WTF Gabriela? Why does your iPhone not have a passcode? Who does that?


8. When Gabriela put a water bowl in her bedroom for the goat that lives in her... bedroom?

falling inn love
What do we really know about Gilbert the goat, anyway? Image: Netflix.


We know nothing about this goat, other than its name is Gilbert. Has Gilbert been vaccinated? Did Gilbert eat the inn's previous owner?

9. When the film's ending failed to answer any of our lingering questions.

falling inn love
Image: Netflix.

Despite Falling Inn Love's many WTF moments, the most infuriating has to be how the movie's ending answered precisely none of our lingering questions.

Did Gabriela decide to stay in New Zealand?

Are she and Jake still together running the inn, or did they sell it?

Did Charlotte manage to fix up her inn after the completely random fire?

Speaking of the fire, did the man Jake pulled from the fire survive? Is he OK?

SO MANY QUESTIONS. Goddammit Netflix.

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