Your choice of exercise reveals more about your love life than you think.

Turns out that your choice of exercise can also say a lot about your love life. Yes, apparently it’s possible to tell just how good a lover you are by watching you in action out of bed.

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A study launched by the British Heart Foundation and Mindlab surveyed 2000 adults in the UK found that cyclists are more likely to be emotionally stable, runners the most extroverted and swimmers the best lovers.

The study discovered that there were common traits among participants who played the same sports, including how outgoing they are, who they are likely to vote for and how charitable they are. (Post continues after gallery.)

Neuropsychologist and founder of Mindlab, Dr David Lewis said he believed it was proof that there’s a sport for everyone.

“It has long been known that exercise is not only good for your body, but also your mind. The results from this study show that no matter what kind of person you are, there is the right kind of exercise for everyone,” he said.

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While swimmers making the best lovers was met with mixed reactions, we have to say that the other findings are scarily accurate, particularly when it came to personality traits. Who knew we were so predictable?


Laid back and calm in nature, cyclists were found to be the least likely to be depressed or suffer stress. However they were also found to be the most materialistic of exercisers (bikes are expensive after all) and most likely to vote Left Wing Labor.


Love running? Apparently you're outgoing.

The study found runners were extroverted, loved being the centre of attention and regularly listen to lively upbeat music. Politically, they tended to vote Labor.


In news that will have water lovers across the country cheering, it seems like swimmers are a real catch (no pun intended). They are charitable, good at keeping tidy, are happy and make the best lovers.

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Walkers were found to be the least materialistic of exercisers, preferring their own company rather than drawing attention to themselves. While they may like their downtime (a perfect excuse to catch up on podcasts or blast a bit of Beyonce) they were also very charitable.


If you like yoga, apparently you're less materialistic than others.

People whose preferred sport is yoga are very agreeable and conscientious and one of the least materialistic groups. They are also the most likely out of all the sports to vote for the Greens.


Gym junkies are one of the happiest groups (who can blame them with all those endorphins flying everywhere!) and were found to be generally extroverted and less likely than others to suffer from mood swings. They tend to vote Liberal.

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How do you fit in with your sports personality? Is it accurate?