Celeb in 5: Tuesday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Erin from Love Island spent $10,000 on plastic surgery before going on the show.

It’s no secret that many reality television stars choose to get plastic surgery before their time on national television, but Love Island’s Erin has admitted that in addition to a drastic diet, she spent $10,000 on plastic surgery prior to going on the show.

The 23-year-old nurse from Melbourne, who is coupled with Eden on the show (aka the guy with BDE), told OK! Magazine that she is elated with the work she had done.

“I’m a 10/10 now,” Erin said. “I’m so happy with my boobs – I got them done in August last year. I paid for them. My boobs were $8000.”

“I was about a B cup and now I’m a double D. I’d like to go to another cup bigger, but then I wouldn’t be able to stand up,” she continued.


The reality star shared that while her breast enlargement was one of the main surgeries she had, she also got two lip injections, costing approximately $800 each.

“Speak to me in a year and I’ll have spent a million dollars on work. I will!” she continued to say.

If Eden and Erin win the show, it looks like we have a fairly good idea of how she’ll spend her share of the prize money.

2. Johanna Griggs on the meeting with a legendary actress that went horribly wrong.

johanna griggs logies
Image: Instagram.

Australian media personality Johanna Griggs has opened up about a frightening interview with two time Oscar winner Dame Maggie Smith.

The pair met on the set of Better Homes and Gardens in 2011, and the crew were asked to go to Hampshire, in England, to have a behind-the-scenes look at Downton Abbey.

Downton Abbey had launched overseas but they hadn’t launched in Australia, so they asked us to go over and do a behind-the-scenes look at the cast and the crew,” Griggs said to news.com.au. 

“Obviously we’d seen a lot of pre-episodes of Downton Abbey, we’d heard all the hype about it coming out and I was personally so excited about meeting Dame Maggie Smith,” Griggs continued.

However, when it came down to actually meeting the actress, things didn't go as smoothly as anticipated.

“They were doing a rehearsal for a scene and we had permission to film so we were shooting a wide shot of the room and then Dame Maggie just quietly stops and says, ‘Why is there a f***ing camera in my face?’", recalled Griggs.


When the PR company explained that the camera crew were from an Australian lifestyle show, the Oscar winner allegedly said, "Well, I don’t care who they f***ing are, so get the f***ing camera out of my face".

Luckily, Griggs recalled that the rest of the crew was lovely.

3. How one six-word Paris Hilton tweet ended up with 13,000+ brutal replies.

When Paris Hilton asked her fans on Twitter to tell her something she didn't know, well... she probably didn't expect what followed.

The 37-year-old heiress put the question to her 18.1 million followers, and she got over 13,000 responses.


Some of the responses were quite educational:

"Muff is a small village on the banks of the Foyle estuary in Donegal Ireland and yes it has a diving club..." wrote one person.

It turns out there's a whole heap of places with inappropriate laugh-out-loud names - there's apparently a village in France called Willies, a county in Arkansas called Flippin, a town in Canada called Dildo, and another town in Wisconsin called Spread Eagle.

Other responses were just as random as they were hilarious:

"I learned everything I know about emotions from @MariahCarey," wrote one person.

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And others were just plain questionable:

"Most toilets flush in E flat," commented another.

Something tells us Paris may have gotten more than she bargained for...

4. 'He would sit in the bathtub and cry.' Terri Irwin on how Robert struggled with his father's death.

He may have been just two years old when his dad Steve Irwin tragically passed away in 2006, but Terri Irwin says Robert still had an incredibly hard time processing his death.

Appearing in an upcoming episode of Anh's Brush With Fame, the 53-year-old wildlife conservationist told host Anh Do, 41, that Robert, now 14, would often just sit in the bathtub and sob, while calling out for his dad.

One of my favourite photos. Love you guys more than anything ❤️ - Repost @bindisueirwin -

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"I think Bindi grasped it, she understood…" an emotional Terri told the program, as reported by Yahoo7 Be.

"But it was harder with Robert. He just wasn’t connecting."

The 44-year-old TV personality passed away after a stingray barb pierced his heart while filming scenes for a new TV show in Queensland.

5. Why Prince Harry brushed off Meghan Markle's attempt to hold his hand.

Well, this is a bit awkward.

The new Duke and Duchess of Sussex were attending the Young Leaders Reception at Buckingham Palace last week, when Meghan, 36, reached for Harry’s hand.

Instead of grabbing his new wife’s hand, Harry, 33, very obviously moved his hands away from her.

The whole hand-holding near miss was caught on film and published online via The Sun.

In the clip you can see the newlyweds slightly brush hands before Harry moves his hand away.

But before you go thinking there's trouble in paradise already, it turns out it's probably just a case of royal protocol.

Royal couples aren't really supposed to show any PDA.

You can read more about their hand-holding mishap right here.