All the wildest moments from the Emmys, from surprise kisses to onstage accusations.

It's time for TV's night of nights, no not the Logies, this is a much classier (albeit chaotic) affair: it's Primetime Emmys time, baby! 

And to be brutally honest, the 75th Emmy Awards are a confusing time! 

Firstly, the Emmys are traditionally held in mid-September. Secondly, because of the delay, this means that technically we are watching the 2023 Emmys and not awards looking back at the past year in TV.

Why all the confusion? 

Well, there was that little bump in the road last year aka SAG-AFTRA writer's strikes. Due to the strikes, which would have meant basically no celebrities would have dared to show up in 2023, the Emmys were cancelled. 

This is despite nominations being announced back in June 2023, which means that a whole bunch of TV that's dominated the other awards did not make the cut for this show.

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Video via Mamamia. 

The eligibility requirements mean that the only programs considered are ones that aired between June 1, 2022 and May 31, 2023,


For instance, season two of The Bear — a critically acclaimed season that's been heavily awarded this year — is not counted. By contrast, we've got season two of The White Lotus being nominated, which now feels like 1000 years ago.

So yes, confusing! But on the bright side, Jennifer Coolidge is back where she belongs: on our TVs saying accidentally iconic things. 

This year's Emmy Awards was hosted by Black-ish actor and comedian Anthony Anderson, who pulled it off and kept the famous guests in capable hands. The night was themed around honouring some of the most iconic shows in the past 75 years which meant there were plenty of casts being reunited and some throwbacks. 

It was actually... a super well-executed awards show. What a concept! 

We've rounded up all the most memorable and chaotic moments from the big night. 

Kieran Culkin gatecrashed his Succession co-star's red-carpet interview.

Even before the show started, chaos reigned as Culkin crept up behind J. Smith-Cameron during her interview. She gave him an annoyed look before he asked "You really hate me, don't you?" 

She then asked 'Kiss?' and they kissed. WHAT IS HAPPENING. Their relationship is seemingly almost as dysfunctional as their Succession characters, Roman and Gerry. 


Jennifer Coolidge was a vision in black.

Jennifer Coolidge at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards. Image: Getty. 


The White Lotus star made a triumphant return to the Emmys. 

Aubrey Plaza's outfit became meme inspiration

Another The White Lotus star getting red carpet attention was Aubrey Plaza whose yellow dress was turned into a Post-it online. Knowing Aubrey's sick sense of humour, I'm sure she's thrilled. 


Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker did the most.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards. Image: Getty. 


The married pair rocked up wearing matching suits before proceeding to violently make out on the red carpet, as per usual. Barker opened the show with a Phil Collins drum solo... in case you were wondering why they were there. 

The host wasn't a total disaster.

Black-ish star Anthony Anderson offered a seamless performance as host. He did it all: performed songs, wore various outfits and costumes, and he kept the celebrity guests from cringing too hard at his jokes.  

Jo Koy, take notes! 

Christina Applegate received a heartwarming applause.


Actor Christina Applegate received a huge cheer from the crowd as she presented an award while walking with a cane. The Dead To Me star has only made rare public appearances since she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2021. 

"You're shaming my disability by standing up [to cheer]," she joked.

Jennifer Coolidge was predictably perfect.

Image: Getty. 


Jennifer Coolidge never disappoints and her acceptance speech for her second Emmy for 'Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series' was no exception. 

Giving a special shout-out to her character's iconic line “These gays… they’re trying to kill me," she took the chance to thank "all the evil gays."

Coolidge also teased that maybe just maybe... she might be back on The White Lotus. "He said I'm definitely dead so I'm going along with it," she joked, referring to creator Mike White killing off her character. 

Pedro Pascal got his revenge on Kieran Culkin. 

In a likely comeback to Kieran Culking telling Pedro Pascal to "suck it" during his winning Golden Globes speech, Pascal returned serve. 

"I would like to take a moment to make this about me. A lot of people have been asking about my arm, it's actually my shoulder," he began, referencing his arm being in a sling all awards season.

"Kieran Culkin beat the shit out of me," he shouted. The camera then panned to Culkin with a steely expression. 


Niecy Nash-Betts gave the best speech of the night. 

Dahmer star Niecy Nash-Betts won for the 'Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie' and her speech was beyond iconic. 

"I'm a winner, baby!" she began. "I want to thank me for believing in me."

Watch the speech in all its glory here.  


Trevor Noah roasted John Oliver. 

Trevor Noah's talk show won the award for 'Best Talk Series' and he seized the opportunity to roast John Oliver and his show Last Week Tonight which had already taken home two awards so far.

"I told you we would beat John Oliver if he wasn't in our category," he said. "We did it! We got rid of John Oliver!"

Noah became the first Black presenter to win the award in the category. 

The original Grey's Anatomy cast reunited.

Image: Binge. 


Ellen Pompeo, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, James Pickens Jr. and Chandra Wilson met on the stage to celebrate Grey's Anatomy.

“When the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy aired in March of 2005, I’m not sure if Shonda Rhimes knew that she had created a show that would have a lasting imprint on television and create lifelong friendships,” Pompeo said.

Heigl subtly referenced her early exit from the series, joking “And yes, there have been changes over the years."  

Ally McBeal's cast also reunited with much more chaotic results. 

It was a night of throwbacks as the cast of Ally McBeal also came together to perform a bathroom scene made famous by the seminal '90s series. 


Calista Flockhart was joined by former costars Greg Germann, Peter MacNicol and Gil Bellows, as they shimmied around the stage. Perfect, no notes. 

Kieran Culkin asked his wife for more kids in his acceptance speech. 

Chaotic Kieran began his speech for 'Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series' by dropping his jacket on the floor. 


The Succession star dedicated most of his speech to his wife, Jazz Charton. "My beautiful wife, Jazz,” Culkin said at the end of his speech. 

“Thank you for sharing your life with me and giving me two amazing kids, Kinsey Sioux and Wilder Wolf. I love you so many and so much," said, before adding "And Jazz, I want more," which prompted laughter from his wife sitting in the audience.

Sarah Snook did Australia proud.

Image: Binge.


Sarah Snook won the Primetime Emmy Award for 'Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series' for her role as Shiv in Succession, dedicating the win to her daughter.

"It's very easy to act when you're pregnant because you've got hormones raging," Snook said. "It was more that the proximity of her life growing inside me gave me the strength to do this and this performance. I love you so much and it's all for you from here on out."

The cast of The Bear sealed their win with a kiss.

Image: Getty. 


While onstage to collect the award for 'Best Comedy Series', one of The Bear‘s actors got a little extra excited. Series star Ebon Moss-Bachrach planted a rather extended and intense smooch on co-star Matty Matheson’s mouth while he was giving the cast's acceptance speech. 

Matheson went on to thank the hospitality industry for inspiring the show. “I just want to thank restaurants as a whole, hospitality as a whole,” Matheson said. “I just love restaurants so much. The good, the bad, it’s rough. We’re all broken inside and every single day we’ve got to show up and cook and make people feel good by eating something and sitting at a table, and it’s really beautiful."

The Bear, Beef and Succession dominated the evening.

TV shows The Bear, Beef and Succession all took home the majority of the awards in their nominated categories, including awards for The Bear's Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edebiri, Beef's Ali Wong and Steven Yeun, along with Succession stars Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin, and Matthew Macfadyen. 

It was also a huge win for diversity and representation this year with several people of colour winning in their respective categories. All in all, it was a delightful night celebrating some sensational TV. 

You can stream the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards live on Binge.

Feature image: Binge/Getty. 

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