Mum screams in horror as Olympian daughter's terrifying high-speed crash stuns crowds.


Sporting fans were left standing in shocked silence after US luger Emily Sweeney lost control of her sled during the women’s final at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics on Tuesday.

Her mum Sue Sweeney was among the crowd. She cried out, staring in horror at the big screen as she watched her daughter’s ankles hit the railing of the track.

It was her first Winter Olympics appearance and Emily , 24,was travelling at approximately 110km per hour.

Watch Emily Sweeney’s high-speed luge crash in the video below. 

Video via Seven

The 24-year-old Winter Olympian from Connecticut lost control of her sled around Curve 9, the track’s most dangerous spot, reports.

Footage of the crash shows Emily swerving all over the track before sliding feet first up against the roof of the track and being thrown from her sled.

It took several minutes for the stunned crowd to catch a glimpse of movement from Emily. She was able to slowly make her way to the finish line roughly 10 minutes after the crash, surrounded by medical personnel.


“I’ve never been so relieved than when I saw her getting up and walking,” said her American teammate, Summer Britcher, visibly emotional.

A source from the USA’s luge team has confirmed Emily did not suffer any broken bones. She is however very sore. also reports Curve 9 of the luge course has been an issue at this years’ Olympics, causing many to skid, lose control of their sled, or lose time on their overall score. In both 2006 and 2010, athletes openly complained about the track safety after a number of crashes.

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