No one showed up for a boy's Stranger Things birthday. Then Eleven herself came to the rescue.

Everyone’s favourite nose-bleedin’ psychokinetic tween has just out Eleven-ed herself.

You see, one very keen Stranger Things fan held a Stranger Things-themed party for his eighth birthday.

There was a cake with the Netflix show’s logo on it, Will’s special communicatin’ fairy lights strung up around the place, and a bunch of Stranger Things-themed refreshments such as a ‘Demogorgon Blood’ fruit punch.

It… it… sounds bloody perfect.

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There was just one lil’ problem… no one turned up.

So, said eight-year-old’s sister, Twitter user @ayenalambat, tweeted about.

She posted a bunch of photos on Twitter with the caption, “My brother invited 8 of his classmates for his stranger things themed bday party & none of their punk selves showed up”.


Twitter, of course, was heartbroken for the lil’ sci-fi loving, eggo eating Stranger Things fan.



Then something goddamn amazing happened. Eleven herself tweeted back and told him she would come to his next birthday party.

Yep, all is good and right in the world… except for that whole, you know, secret government conspiracy upside down-y thing.

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