This Stranger Things theory will blow your goddamn mind.

*Content warning: This post contains big ol’ spoilers for Stranger Things season two. 

Hold onto your eggos, this is the most mind-blowing Stranger Things conspiracy theory yet.

Lemme set the scene.

In the season finale Hopper finds a bleeding Dr Owens in the stairwell at Hawkins Lab. You may have noticed the handrail. Also, you may not have because, you know, bleeding man/lots of drama etc.

Anyhoo, here’s the handrail in question:

stranger things fan theory
Exhibit A. Image via Netflix.

Got it?

OK, now we're going to take a lil' journey back to season one when we saw Hopper crying in a stairwell after his daughter Sara died.

Please note the handrail:

stranger things fan theory
Exhibit B. Image via Netflix.

Yep, it's the exact same goddamn handrail.

Also, it appears to be the exact same landing that Hopper had been crying on in season one.

So... does this mean Sara actually died in Hawkins Lab?


Pretty much.

In fact, in a recent interview with Insider, David Harbour (the bloke who plays Hopper) actually confirmed it.

"But yes, it is the same location. So that's interesting. Or it's a similar location. But there's actually another thing you'll notice which is that there's a stuffed animal lion that appears in Eleven's room when he breaks into the lab and finds that room, and it also appears in Castle Byers, and it also appears on Sara's lap," he said.

stranger things conspiracy theory
The lion in question. Image via Netflix.



To add to the co-inky dinks, at the end of season two Eleven has a blue hair tie on her wrist.

stranger things fan theory
Exhibit C. Image via Netflix.


The SAME blue hair tie Sara was seen wearing in her hair in season one.

stranger things fan theory
Exhibit D. Image via Netflix.


AND when Sara is in the hospital, Hopper is wears the blue hair tie on his wrist.

stranger things fan theory
Exhibit E. Image via Netflix.


"At the end of the series you'll see that Jim is not wearing it anymore, but I don't want to to get too into that because that's something we may talk about sometime in season three," Harbour told Insider. "It's something we'll delve more into in terms of Jim's daughter and him confronting this Eleven relationship and what that means ... there's more to be revealed there."

So what does all this mean?

Well, we know Sara become ill and died - but we were never told what she died from.

Could she had been another Eleven? Did she die after becoming contaminated by something from the lab? Or was she taken there by her parents in a last-ditch attempt to save her life?

We NEED answers.

Hurry the heck up, season three.

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