Attention Ed Sheeran fans: The singer just announced who will be opening his Aussie shows.

Ed Sheeran is touring Australia in March and he’s just announced Australian singer songwriter Missy Higgins will open for him.

What many might not know is the pair have a history. From afar, that is.

In 2012, while speaking to the radio station Nova, Sheeran said Higgins was “one of my first biggest crushes”, News Corp reports. Adding that he “fancied her a lot” when he was younger.

Now, he’s the biggest singer songwriter in the world and his “first crush” is touring with him.

“I love the thought that a 13-year-old Ed Sheeran was listening to my music. It’s so cool,” Higgins, 34, told News Corp.

“While I don’t think anyone would dare claim influencing him, it’s really lovely when somebody tells you your music has inspired them in some small way.”

Higgins said she’s never seen Sheeran in concert before, despite being a massive fan, and that she’s “so stoked” at the invitation to play alongside him.

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In January this year, Sheeran announced his engagement to his highschool sweetheart Cherry Seaborn.

And Higgins has been with her playwright and comedian husband Dan Lee since 2013.

The pair have a baby boy together and Higgins’ new single Futon, to be featured on Sheeran’s tour, is the story of falling in love with Lee. The rest of her new album will be released in May.