Everything you need to know about the love story between Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn.

Ed Sheeran just got engaged to his long time friend and high school crush Cherry Seaborn and theirs is possibly the sweetest, most normal celebrity relationship we’ve ever witnessed.

Seaborn is said to have been a huge influence on Sheeran’s latest album Divide. The 25-year-old is the reason it took so long for the British singer/songwriter to make the album (they were falling in luuurve) and their relationship is heavily referenced throughout the album (their luurrve inspired his songwriting). 

In 2017, Sheeran said he had taken a break from songwriting in 2016 to be with Seaborn, and she did the same. “We were just basically like, let’s quit our jobs and have a year of forming a tight bond,” he said. “So we went travelling and spent every day for a year together.”

Basically, she’s his muse and the Shape of You singer says he’s “never been happier”.


In fact, the pop star told People that “I’ve never been more comfortable. I’ve never been more inspired. I feel like everything’s fallen into place, and it’s fallen into place because I’ve given it the time to fall into place.”

Cherry is a 24-year-old Advisory Consultant for Deloitte & Touche LLP and she recently moved from New York to London to be with Sheeran. Sheeran and Seaborn attended Thomas Mills High School together in Framingham, Suffolk.

According to The Indian Express, the singer had a crush on Seaborn, who was a year younger, but felt he wasn’t “cool” enough to make a move.

They never got together and Cherry moved to America to attend Duke University. According to Heavy, the pair stayed in touch after school but didn’t start dating until 2015, when they were seen together at a baseball game in New York.


Then they took it slow. The couple dated long distance for the better part of a year before deciding that their relationship was the real deal. Sheeran told Beats 1 Radio “This has been the first time I’ve actually had the time to fall in love properly”.

The pair spent most of 2016 travelling the world together while Sheeran enjoyed a much needed break from the music business. And when they returned, Cherry transferred to the London office of Deloitte & Touche LLP so she could move in with Ed.

To add to the realness the couple has chosen to stay out of the public eye and focus on each other. “I’ve probably had three days apart from her in the last year…but we’re very, very strong,” Sheeran told Beats 1 Radio.